Microsoft hasn't launched peer-to-peer TV and it isn't a Joost killer

Jack Scholfield writes:

"There was a rash of blog stories last week along the lines of "Microsoft announces Joost killer" which I ignored for a few simple reasons: it wasn't new, it was misleading (it isn't a Joost-killer), and it was wrong (ie it wasn't a Microsoft launch). But that's not the end of the story.

Long Zheng pointed out the basic error and commented: "something like this clearly demonstrates how susceptible blogs can become to misinformation spreading like wild fire and how that problem can be compounded by the Chinese-whispers effect." True -- but it's not confined to blogs, of course.

Ed Bott (at Ed Bott's Windows Expertise) added: "And not only do they not bother to get the story right in the first place, they rarely do corrections either." Then he cited a few examples...."

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