Even more Halo: Reach details touchdown

X360A gives the lowdown on the newest lot of Halo Reach details to have landed.

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BeaArthur4691d ago

I'm really interested in seeing the beta. I'm curious as to see how all of these changes will play out.

Blaze9294691d ago

will 'play' out amazing. Oh I cant WAIT till the beta launches. Day 1 purchase confirmed. This just might at least be the multiplayer game of the year - no denying Bungie does their multiplayer sides of games with amazing polish. Halo 3 to date has still yet did not need any patches/updates/etc.

Nolando4691d ago

it will be amazing like the other halo games... this looks really unique, if someone is an Elite they have the upper hand to a spartan, but it will take teamwork for a team of spartans to take on a team of elites...

thats what i am hoping for, Bungie always puts its fans and gameplay first... I know this, that is why i am buying Reach day one!

the loadouts seem weird, so its pre set by bungie? id rather them give us at least a few different options... idk it will be fine though :P

BeaArthur4691d ago may not play out like that though. Bungie probably wouldn't create a game mode where it's 1 team of 5 Spartans vs. 1 team of 5 elites when they have already said that the elites have a definitive advantage. It will be interesting to see how they work around that in regard to Spartans vs. Elites.

DirtyLary4691d ago

The way you are nut hugging is exactly what people did before MW2 came out.

OH IW is god!!, goty!! , best multiplayer ever!!!, I have total faith!!.

You should reserve judgment.

BeaArthur4691d ago

DirtyLary...Bungie isn't Activision or Infinity Ward.

JonnyBadfinger4690d ago (Edited 4690d ago )

Im gonna keep it in my pants until the Beta comes out... so far i have heard of too many changes to the game and its multiplayer to make a decision on whether its for the best or the worst.

The game is starting to sound like a CoD Battlefield and Halo hybrid. CoD like perks in the form of armour abilities loadouts like Battlefields and based in the Halo Universe.

And in the Books doesnt it say most Spartans could go punch for punch with Elites? and that their main advantage was their shield technology and Plasma based weapons? im pretty sure thats in 'Halo: Fall of Reach' somewhere

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SixZeroFour4690d ago

which hopefully also pans out into campaign...i really want strong elites to battle in legendary

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C L O U D4691d ago

Can't wait to see how the Elites and Spartans differences will play out in general.


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