Splinter Cell: Conviction demo release was "always very nerve-wracking"

The Lost Gamer writes:

Speaking at the recent Splinter Cell: Conviction launch event in North America, Maxime Beland, Executive Director, has revealed that it is "always very nerve-wracking" when you release a demo.

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raiden_933742d ago

Nerve-wracking if you release a bad demo. Not so much if you release a good one. Not that I'm saying the Conviction demo was bad.

Blaze9293742d ago

whats good to a creator isn't always good to us consumers so yeah, it will be always nerve-wrecking for a creator to release something - good or bad.

Inside_out3742d ago

Demo was great....Only demo issue for me was the unskipable RTE intro on multiple playthroughs...Intro is awesome and sets the mood for the Game up to long once you have done it...The whole demo was a tutorial and Sams new moves impress...They have said that different levels unlock different gadgets so should be amazing...This game WILL have incredible replay value, both in single player as well as multi-player....

As far as Ubisoft, why this game is 576p versus 720p has still not been explained...Alan Wake is gonna be 720p with a similar art style, why not Splinter cell...Regardless, April 13....

Mildrop3742d ago

I think the demo has been well received

Yi-Long3742d ago

... it seems many of the old Splinter Cell fans were a bit disappointed with the new direction taken with this title.

Personally,I absolutely LOVED the first 3 games, with Chaos Theory being the best (apart from the unskippable intro, which sucked).

I'm not yet all that impressed with the new demo, and certainly not convinced yet it will bring me that classic Splinter Cell quality.

I doubt I'll pick it up when it's released, and I'll wait how they're gonna handle the DLC-milking.
I think I'll just wait a year orso and get it from the bargain bin, if the DLC is on the disc by then. If not, I don't know. Kinda depends on the scores and what else is out.

IdleLeeSiuLung3742d ago

Every time you do a reboot, you will get upset fans of the original series. With a game as popular as the Splinter Cell series, you will naturally get a lot of vocal (read fan atics) that is upset about the changes.

Sometimes I wonder if it is just better to create a new IP with the new game mechanics and calling it a spiritual successor alas Bioshock is to System Shock? That way you have two IPs instead of potentially ruining the current IP for current fans....

-MD-3742d ago

I kinda lost interest after playing the demo to be honest. I'm still planning on giving it a chance though.

BeaArthur3742d ago

I'm sure it's always nerve racking for any developer to release a demo. There is always that possibility that you may hinder sales instead of helping them. I like the demo, I will be picking the game up next Tuesday.

divideby03742d ago

I just hope the demo didnt do the game justice, cause the demo was pretty bad. The camera angle in tight spaces was one of the worst I have played in a long time. And graphically I was expecting way, way way more

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The story is too old to be commented.