Gamestop Baseball Opening Day Special: MLB 2K10 for $2.99

Original-Gamer: "The reviews are in, and MLB 2K10 is not that great. So for $60, yes that maybe a bit too much. How about $3?"

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harlem_v14563d ago

OH...MY...GOD....still not buying it.

evrfighter4563d ago

can't pass that up.

bought it.

crxss4563d ago

couldn't have said it any better haha

xXjxXdOggY4563d ago

couldnt pass it up..bought it

GamingBuddha094563d ago

wow there must be some sort of catch

tmj4563d ago

O_O; they are giving away $1Mill while th egame is 60....then they drop it to $3 when people aren't going to buy it after the contest is IMO

DJKGBYF4563d ago

The contest is only for PS3 and the 360.

DORMIN4563d ago

I'll put that 3 dollars to cover my tax for MLB:10 The Show

divideby04563d ago

my TIME is worth more than wasting it on a crappy game.
The SHOW is the only BB to spend time with...

Elven64563d ago

Dude, MLB 2K10 is the best MLB 2K game in a very long time overall it's a good game. 2K10 isn't as good as the Show 10 but it's definitely getting better and overall a good game. Have you even given 2K10 a chance or are you just basing your accusations on nothing?

After reading comments on N4G and PastaPadre I'm seriously thinking baseball videogame fanboys are worse than console fanboys!

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The story is too old to be commented.