Square-Enix Has a "Surprise" this Week

After the revelation of Square-Enix announcing the upcoming release of Final Fantasy IX on the PlayStation 3 / PSP last week, Shinji Hashimoto is at it again tweeting that a surprise is coming this week.

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blitz06233749d ago

Like most other "surprises" from Square, I doubt this will be interesting. They better save their best surprises for E3 though.

qface643749d ago

really now its not that and you should know it

its gonna be nothing i can bet on that

Godmars2903749d ago (Edited 3749d ago )

Like Front Mission Evolved being any good?

And a FF7 remake is something they'd save for TGS.

Digitaldude3749d ago

Notice how he said small.

Army_of_Darkness3749d ago

I miss it! and want it back! one of the best rpg's ever!

Christopher3749d ago

Eh, they've said that a lot over the last 5 years and nothing they've done has surprised me at all.

RockmanII73749d ago

Maybe a new crystal chronicles game for wii ware

sikbeta3749d ago

Chocobo Racing remake!


Monkey5213748d ago

a world wide release for FFIX. As they have yet to announce the NA release.

k2d3748d ago

They're releasing Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver for PS3/PSP.

pixelsword3748d ago

the "Surprise" is that they made the game multiplatform.

Trroy3748d ago

@k2d: You know that Soul Reaver has been available for the PSP/PS3, via PSN, for a good long while now, right?

Cyorg3748d ago

I'd bet it's something for the DS. That seems to be their favorite platform.

gintoki7773748d ago

hes gonna say final fantasy 13 versus goes multiplat! good suprise if that happens thats the day I run off a cliff naked lol

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BubbleSystemSuck3749d ago

xiv beta start.
stop with the Ffvii remake thing... is worst than the Mass Effect on Ps3 thing

Myst3749d ago

I'm hoping for the XIV beta start as well...

DigitalHorror813749d ago

I signed up and used my FF13 code, how does it all work? And I'm assuming there's no initial fee for the beta?

InspectorG3749d ago

A good game... zoom, zoom, zoooom....

sorry couldn't help myself, hopefully some Versus 13 news

Dead_Cell3749d ago

Make it a FINAL Fantasy, christ.

ssipmraw3749d ago

maybe western devs should quit making games with bald overly masculine space marines hmmmmmmm oh i forgot western people like bald and overly masculine space marines catch my drift

Optical_Matrix3749d ago

obviously you've jumped on the it's cool to hate on JP games/Final Fantasy bandwagon that's been rife this gen because western games have gotten more popular. FF storylines are hardly emo, it's digusting how people use that word so's worse than the overused word "epic". I also remember specfically that the vast majority of FF protagonists have been full grown adults. Only FF game without one as the lead is FFIX but that fit the mood of the story. If you're gonna dig something, make an intelligetn crtitism, not one that holds no fidelity at all. And also, bother to play at least more than FFVII.

sikbeta3749d ago


japan = emo characters

"Western" (mainly America) = Marcus Phoenix Clones all over the Place

DaTruth3748d ago

"obviously you've jumped on the it's cool to hate on JP games/Final Fantasy bandwagon that's been rife this gen because western games have gotten more popular."

This is not the reason. America wants you to buy all your videogame hardware and software from America, so they will bash all Japanese made gaming options!

Buy America!!!! Ain't it great!

Dead_Cell3748d ago

....Around the time that the PS1 came out.

Oh and I never said the story was emo, the characters are emo. The stories are abysmal.

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tripewire3749d ago

"Wada is no longer with the company"

>fans rejoice<

nefertis3749d ago

Now that would be "EPIC" lol.