X360A: 2010 FIFA World Cup Hands On Preview

It's a sad truth that every World Cup game to date has been little more than a blatant exercise in extracting cash from the ignorant buy-anything football fan, with a quick re-skin job, a crappy buzz word labelled 'special gameplay feature' and some overpaid sod's mug on the box. Hey presto, you've just fallen victim to a ploy to purchase the same game twice, or in EA's case with previous World Cup entries, three times including Road to the World Cup and then the subsequent World Cup game proper.

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G_Hartley_3741d ago

to be honest im not really bothered about paying for this game.. if your a real fifa fan and also a football/soccer fan you will know how much the world cup means to you and your country.. im happy to see EA actually make a lot of enhancements to this games as well.. its shows there not just throwing out another fifa 10 with a lil face lift.. there actually giving you a newer game to give you the buzz about the world cup.. Cant wait for this game.. Looks awesome