GoGamingGiant: Comic Jumper Preview

From the article:

"The level [G3] saw last weekend showed off the intro to the game: Smiley doesn't like the comic book he's in. It has lame villains (Dr. Winklemeyer who hates….bank fees) and is riddled with cliches (helicopter fights and sliding down buildings aplenty). Plus, the comic has his arch-nemesis, the super-cool-even-has-a-theme-song Brad. Everyone wants to be Brad, hang out with Brad, give Brad their number...Brad even has his own army of Bradbots and a Bradcopter. Throughout Comic Jumper, Captain Smiley will visit four distinct comic books, each with their own styles and corny jokes, and each with their own version of Brad."

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Murgatroyd73752d ago

Ha ha, this sounds awesome. Not that I'm surprised, of course. Can't wait for this one.

omicron0093752d ago

that looks pretty cool, they got the comic look down

RaymondM3751d ago

Hey, this actually looks pretty cool. I didn't care for splosion man,cause after a while it was just boring. But this looks fun, I'll check it out when it comes out