Fastest-selling Third-Party New IP on Wii Ever... Just Dance?!

Bet you didn't see this coming, did you? Just Dance is performing better than anyone expected, even topping the U.K. charts at one point, and has become the fastest-selling, third-party, new intellectual property that the Wii has ever had.

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Rubang3745d ago

Only game I know to have both Kylie Minogue and Iggy Pop. Win/win. I just wish they threw in some karaoke.

qface643744d ago

he he lol why am i not surprised this has the ubisoft logo

Rainstorm813744d ago

The best selling third party game on a casual system is a casual dance game.

N4g_null3744d ago

Great now we can get a red steel2 sequel! You know this is waiting to get ported to the HD systems LoL. Question, is it even fun? Who's played it? Is it like warioware or some thing?

Wow people really are having fun with this game cool.

Software_Lover3744d ago

Hilarious. Wii is the best selling exercise machine ever invented!!!!

Government Cheese3744d ago

No way dude, the total gym is, its even endorsed by Chuck Norris...

TheGameLlama3744d ago

Chuck Norris can play Punch-Out!! without a nunchuck.

jdktech20103744d ago

I just died a little inside....while the "casual" games aren't for least let it be some fitness thing and not a freaking dancing game....oh well

N4g_null3744d ago

Dancing games ruled the ps2 and now their back lol to eat your cake throw it back up on you, nasty. I guess girls like to dance huh?

jack who3744d ago

*looks outside*world coming too an end?

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The story is too old to be commented.