iPad jailbroken already

It's just over 24 hours and Apple's over-hyped tablet has already been jailbroken.

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MexicanAppleThief3754d ago

Well lets not kid ourselves here, hardware was nothing special. It's just a larger itouch...

Icyhot3754d ago

Maybe some people just want a BIG IPOD TOUCH... Besides, I was waiting for the thing to be jailbroken, but wasn't expecting results on day 1!!! It will take sometime for the hacker community to release a stable version, but I know it will be real fast.

A Jailbroken IPod Touch is so awesome, I can multi-task, watch some flash content, play GBA Roms, Play different formats.... It basically kills all the flaws the device has which is great. A Jailbroken iPad can solve most of the problems (prime 1 being multitasking).

mrv3213754d ago

Does it fix the fact that a netbook is probably better? Just run Windows XP on it with touch screen interface or something... that'd be cool.

MexicanAppleThief3754d ago (Edited 3754d ago )

That sounds great to be honest, but I'd wait to buy one if I were you. Apple always hold out on features for their first generation products. I'll be waiting until 2nd/3rd genreation of iPad, I'm in no hurry. :)

jmare3754d ago

It has little to do with the hardware. It has been hacked day 1 because it is running a modified IPhone OS. The IPhone crack can easily be applied to the IPad with minimal effort.

Danteh3754d ago (Edited 3754d ago )

yay Jailbreak is win

Oh and since I see I'm the only iPad fanboy around here (sort of :P), I'll say it again:

iPad>Notebook (full tactile and weightless)
iPad>iPhone and iPod (bigger screen = a whole new world of features)

lols yea

mrv3213754d ago

A 16GB iPAD is $500... that's the base model, are you seriously justifying this? $500 for what is effectively a 16gb ipod.

BulletToothtony3754d ago (Edited 3754d ago )

$500 is not that much now a days.. i spend over $200 a month just in beer, i understand that you may be young or may not have a job or whatever but apple products IMO are good, specially for their software..

are they overpriced.. YES but nobody is forcing you to buy them.. i'm tired of people rushing to apple news to bash apple.. if you don't like the company that's fine but what's the need to bash them.

I'll be buying one like a year from now. because i find the idea of watching tv on my bed or browsing the net or streaming movies great. If they were able to sell almost 1 million of them in one weekend trust me, it's because apple is doing something right.. you should try OS-X sometime and you'd know what i'm talking about.

mrv3213754d ago

But 1 iPad=2.5 months of beer.

$500 is a lot, for what it does, without Jailbreaking, I use pounds not dollars so to directly compare is difficult but I think for most people $500 is a lot for what it does, after all one could buy a PS3 and 360 for less(the TWO of them) when you look at it that way it's not the cheapest.

Prototype3754d ago

I personally can't justify spending money on an over sized iphone when I can spend LESS on a better notebook.

And it's hacked? Apple needs to step their game up a bit more...

hakis863754d ago

"MexicanAppleThief - 4 hours ago

Well lets not kid ourselves here, hardware was nothing special. It's just a larger itouch...
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LOL at the disagree.

Icyhot3754d ago

@MexicaApple... Yup, I will wait for them till next year to release an upgraded version of it.. Buying Apple products in the 1st iteration=Biggest mistake you will make.

I am just looking for something that is handy since my iPod Touch will be 4 years old this year, so I will probably look out on something and the truth is this thing is tempting. Besides, I read a lot of books and that is another feature that pulls me towards it. A Kindle would hit me at something around 280-300$ in my country, so I'd rather spend 200 more (next year, hopefully the price per GB ratio decreases) and get this. There is no arguing that this will be the best eBook reader in the market.

@MRV123... I respect your opinion in fact I agree with the price debate. So hoping that it comes down in a years time. But I would rather pick up this in favor of a netbook. I already have a laptop for my needs, but it's bulky and so I would rather have something thats stylish and also well supported by the company and also the hacker community. If there is 1 thing you are sure with Apple products is the support their device gets.. I am using an iPod Touch for the past 4 years and I still prefer it over my HTC phone in terms of the apps.

Christopher3754d ago

Honestly, is this really newsworthy anymore? Every single electronic device gets hacked/jailbroken only a few days after release nowadays, no matter what it is.

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RonyDean3754d ago

That is amazing, its been out for 1 day and they already have it hacked... Guess I can buy mine now! ; )

Speed-Racer3754d ago

It would still be crap... need to with for the 2nd/3rd gen... the iPad 5GS etc hahaha

Speed-Racer3754d ago

Nothing special here I guess. With old OS software, all they needed to do was port their hacks.

SalvatoreLeone3754d ago

Apple cant protect s*** to save their lives

mrv3213754d ago

If only ipod can be as secure as the Mac virys wise. I heard the stupidest thing yesterday. Some guy told me 'The mac has no viryses and the one virys on the system is owned by the government.'

Is Jailbreaking legal or not? I'm curious more than anything.

Noctis Aftermath3754d ago (Edited 3754d ago )

I'm not to sure about the jailbreaking thing, i heard somewhere that it voids your warranty and that's about it.

mrv3213754d ago

Ah ok, I'm curious because it's not really different from installing linux on a PC.

Speed-Racer3754d ago

Its not just voids ur warranty... and wont work with the app store if u try to update it.

mrv3213754d ago

Isn't there a free app store?

Speed-Racer3754d ago

not all apps are free, most of the decent ones you gotta pay games and so on... the jailbreak unlocks allow u to run apps without having to buy them...cause u can dl them illegally and play them...

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