Gamersmint Review: Heavy Rain - That sinking feeling

Gamersmint writes : "Heavy Rain is an ambitious game that tries hard to fuse two entertainment mediums into one. However, a venture like this was bound to fall apart with a plot-hole riddled story and suspect voice acting. People may remember the amazing tech demo for Heavy Rain which blew away our conceptions of what a game could do. It's a mighty shame that the final product, not once, comes close to delivering the emotional experience that was promised in that trailer. For fans of Indigo Prophecy, Heavy Rain may come off as a tad bit underwhelming and those new to adventure games might very easily be put off by the bleak first few hours."

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Pedobear Rocks3751d ago

that a fusion of gaming and movies 'is bound to fall apart' I question the site's ability to give an objective review.

HR is a wonderful breath of fresh air in a gaming world dominated by FPS/TPS and flash casual gaming in my opinion.


cyborg3751d ago (Edited 3751d ago )

We didn't say that the fusion of gaming and movies was "bound" to fall apart, our reviewer stated that such an attempt was destined not to produce to desired results with the mediocre story and lack-luster voice-acting the game offered. Our reviewer will be more well-equipped to respond to you in detail( I will ask him to reply), I just wanted to clear out the fact which you quoted to be something else.

Thanks for reading.

Greywulf3751d ago (Edited 3751d ago )

Terrible writing & review. You review the product, not what its promised to be.

HR fails in many areas as a game. But it improved a metric ton from Indigo Prophecy.

The complaints for HR can be applied to games the site gave higher marks to, especially the bad voice acting. Outside of the Uncharted Series, voice acting in gaming is laughable. This includes Mass Effect.

The review is childish, I wouldn't be shocked to find out that the reviewer has no educational background in writing/gaming.

The attitude that "BUH BUH THEY SAID AND BUH BUH IT ISN'T" is nonsense.

TrooGamer3751d ago

God some of the cons are truly pathetic and laughable.

No name site looking for hits...what else is new. Poor poor read

Milky3751d ago

I like the fact that cyborg replied, I am interested in the reviewer's response to Peadobear Rock's comment. I will get this game eventually.

Fulensenca3751d ago (Edited 3751d ago )

It seems -IMHO- a classical prejudiced review ...

However, I don' t understand all the criticism about bugs ... the game just froze once to me. And the voice acting was not bad at all, at least in the Pal version.

Heavy Rain is a great and unique experience.

cyborg3751d ago (Edited 3751d ago )

To people thinking that I(This is the reviewer) went into the review with prejudice, for starters Ive been a big fan of Indigo Prophecy and was forcing people at gunpoint to play the game. Hell, the experience was so fresh at the time, that I didnt mind the supernatural twist at the end of the game. All was forgiven when Santa Monica by Theory of a Deadman played at the credits.

With Heavy Rain, I was expecting something more...something better. I had reason to believe that David Cage would iron out all the problems from the older game. But its basically the same game when it comes down to design. There are just so many similarities between Indigo Prophecy and Heavy Rain...and thats not the bad part...being similar is NOT at all bad...the problems starts when they starts dumbing down stuff. For starters the story had plot holes that spoiled my experience. They never quite explained about the whole blackout scenario. Why use cheap techniques to keep us interested and not explain anything at all in the end.

About the voice acting, I thought they were trying too hard to sound like Americans...there were many points where it felt as if they were acting. But yeah, maybe some people wont have a problem with this.

The bugs...When you play a game for 10 hours...and it locks up on you forcing you to restart...I dont see how that is forgivable for a AAA title and a Sony exclusive at that. Test your games before you release them.

There is a lot of fun to be had with this game...and I have mentioned that its mainly in the Norman Jayden and Scott Shelby segments which have great investigation sections and intense QTE's...the other two characters...well I did not have fun with them.

I think the reason why I scored the game low was that at the end of the day, I enjoyed Indigo Prophecy way more than Heavy Rain. Im a huge huge fan of what David Cage did with Indigo Prophecy and I hope he brings us another game asap. heavy Rain...did not live upto my expectations.

antt33751d ago (Edited 3751d ago )

I'll agree with you (and I think most people do) that there were some plot holes and stumbling points in the dialogue. But to be honest, neither of those things bothered me much, and I imagine this comes down mostly to people's opinions.

I *am* a stickler for story (I'm a writer), but I guess I don't mind giving them a little leeway due to the branching story lines. Having said that, I do hope they add some explanations in the Chronicles DLC.

I disagree about Ethan being boring. He has some intense scenes (pretty much *all* the trials).

As far as I know, there are only two scenes in which Madison has the option of getting naked, and the important word here is *option.* If you so choose, she doesn't have to disrobe at any time (This is in response to something you said in your review, not here).

I've played through twice so far, and all the endings I've seen so far have been completely different. Also, on my second play through there were at least 4, maybe 5 scenes that I didn't see at all the first time. And apparently there are still endings and scenes I haven't seen.

Though I do agree that maybe the first 5 or so chapters don't offer many variations, they *can* be played differently.

You gave a nice thorough review. While I don't necessarily agree with your conclusions, I do appreciate that this is an extremely polarizing game, and personal preferences factor very heavily into it.

Also, I should mention I never played Indigo Prophecy, and that may play into my having enjoyed Heavy Rain as much as I did.


Kakihara3751d ago

Heavy rain was one of the most intense games I've played on my first playthrough and I didn't find any bugs or any problem with voice acting but I'd still have to give it around a 3/5 and here's why...


Okay, so these aren't really plot spoilers but I think knowing this would ruin the game for anyone who hasn't played it yet. Most of the game is one big illusion. You get very very little choice for the vast majority of the game. All those times I panicked and sweated through intense scenes trying to narrowly escape death or felt like I was making big decisions, I just wasn't.

It's a trick that works the first time you play it but when you go back and try it differently, walking out on Lauren without leaving your card and letting her get beaten and then she still shows up at your apartment to help you out or missing a chance to escape Mad Jack as he holds a gun to your head only to find out there's a ridiculous amount of easy chances to do it again after that and you'd have to be trying to miss them to do so.

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