Peter Molyneux Nominated for Time Top 100

Time has posted its 2010 Top 100 Poll with 200 nominees awaiting your vote. Amongst other leaders, visionaries, artists and icons -- including the likes of Barack Obama, John Stewart and J.J. Abrams -- are a few candidates known for their contributions to videogames.

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Gradient3748d ago

I didn't know you could get nominated for smoke&mirrors.

Rainstorm813747d ago

Im confused Top 100 what?

How does JJ Abrams, Peter Molineux and Barack Obama worth equal out?

One makes games one makes movies one is the president of the US.....

clintos593748d ago

I mean if Peter can make that list for showing a fake demo then I think ken kuturagi saying 4D is possible on ps3 puts him at number 1 because if time believes Peter deserves this honor then I am a believer myself that 4D is possible on ps3. It only does everything.

Eamon3747d ago

I guess that fake demo wasn't fake after all?

kaveti66163747d ago

I guess after Sony ends up making a ton of dough on the PS3, which I think they might, they should hire Ken back - seeing as how they disrespectfully forced him to step down after a couple of down years.

Divinius3748d ago

Everyone other than Peter Molyneux

Nicaragua3747d ago

This guy is a chump compared to guys like Kojima or David Braben.

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The story is too old to be commented.