PlayStation 3 - Gives Rise to Adrenaline Rushes in Players

PS3, the third home video gaming console to be created by Sony Computer Entertainment and the next generation PlayStation 2, is known to stimulate much excitement in players.

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Tachyon_Nova3749d ago

The fist paragraph of that article makes no sense. I must admit though I have been feeling my heart rate rise playing a lot of the latest PS3 games.

alphakennybody3749d ago

no surprise here, with games like GOW3,killzone 2, wipeout hd, Motorstorm 1 and 2 etc... and all the BR movies in glorious true HD!. hehe now imagine with upcoming 3d and move! 0_0!


I agree for the most part, but sitting and watching my ability to utilize my Linux partition get flushed down the drain was not at all like what they talked about here. Booo. Sorry, had to vent it somewhere. I do like the article though. Not bad at all.

nefertis3749d ago

The ps3 is a beast best console ever made.

DigitalAnalog3749d ago

Yes, I believe that's what's happening for quite awhile now.

- Proud to own a PS3

End statement

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The story is too old to be commented.