6 April games you probably won't buy (but totally should)

Ex: "After the literal deluge of high quality video games over the last several months, it's perfectly understandable that April might be a time where gamers decide to give their wallets a little bit of a respite until summer. There's still some big name titles coming out this month, but it's a far cry from January and February which brought gamers a slew of top tier hits like Bioshock 2, Heavy Rain, Final Fantasy XIII and Battlefield: Bad Company 2.

While it makes sense to save your money this month for the likes of Ubisoft's Splinter Cell: Conviction or Square Enix's NIER, there's a number of hidden gems being released over the next several weeks as well. They might not be as heavily advertised or hyped as mainstream titles, but they have just as much potential. Most will probably end up overlooking these lesser known games in favor of April's "big releases", but you should totally buy them anyway."

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tehk1w13752d ago

Been looking forward to Lead and Gold for months now. It looks totally kickass. Kind of on the fence about Fat Princess for PSP though --I've already logged dozens of hours on it on PS3.

Bigpappy3751d ago

It is like he read my mind. There is no way I am buying any of those games.

TheIneffableBob3751d ago

I bought Lead and Gold but then I refunded it. The game just has too many issues and it doesn't seem like they'll be able to iron them out before launch. Maybe I'll pick it up again when the game is patched up.

lelo2play3751d ago

No wonder the title is "6 April games you probably won't buy". Not interested in any of those 6 games. There are better games coming out in March... and there are still games to play from past months.

GameGambits3751d ago

#1 game worth buying in April is Super Street Fighter 4. 40 bucks, 10 new characters, new online modes, new moves, rebalancing, bonus stages, etc etc the list goes on.

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Urmomlol3752d ago

That anime looking game looks like the ultimate Japanophile masturbation dream.

SKIP just because it's marketing is tasteless.

HolyOrangeCows3751d ago

Maybe if these sorts of games employed better stories and didn't make all the woman look like 10 year old fairy girls, these games could be taken seriously to any degree.

I mean, they look like little girls....I can't fap to this!

jewsjumpin3752d ago

Lead and Gold looks like a shameless TF2 knock off.

tinajacobs12223752d ago

Nah --it looks pretty sweet. Borrows from TF2 definitely, but I think it adds enough new stuff to keep it fresh. I have it preordered on STEAM at least.

Pedobear Rocks3751d ago

should keep me off the playgrounds for awhile.


jewsjumpin3751d ago

Jesus has his eye on you Pedobear.

HolyOrangeCows3751d ago (Edited 3751d ago )

And his band of divine bovines.

(The only thing that could make this chain more epic is if Chris Hansen shows up)

BuddhasBelly3751d ago

Pedobear, you don't even wanna know what you're going to reincarnate as.

ShOtCall3r333751d ago

so if it had better marketing you would get it??

Urmomlol3751d ago

Probably. I love strategy RPG's, but I think it's kind of pathetic when a game does that. It's like "HEY WE GOT BOOBS LOLOLOLOLOL" when the game is barely about that.

It's like if they sold Street Fighter but all the ads had Chunli and Sakura making out. It's shameless and I don't think we should endorse that kind of thing.

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The story is too old to be commented.