GoGamingGiant: BattleBlock Theater Preview

If you're wondering what exactly BattleBlock Theater is….well, we really couldn't tell you much about the story. Unlike the developer's previous titles (Alien Hominid, Castle Crashers), nobody really knows what kind of game BattleBlock Theater is. Even their trailer doesn't shed much light on the game.

We were a team of two playing against two computer-controlled opponents. Before the match started, you're able to customize your character's physical features, which determine what projectile they could use to stun or knock-out enemies. Round bomb balls, boomerangs, and remote mine Frisbees were all fair game. After choosing your character, you're launched into a loading screen that explains what the hell you're supposed to do.

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RaymondM3749d ago

Ah, its from the creators of Alien hominid and castle crashers? It must be pretty fun then haha

Murgatroyd73749d ago

Funny, my initial thought was different. Can't really say I'm a big fan of either of those. I'm always willing to give something new a chance, though.

omicron0093749d ago

looks like a fun game to play.