Best Buy Weekly Ad-Shooter Craze

RespawnAction: "This weeks US Best Buy deals seems to have been tailored for this site specifically, because most of the deals are FPS', and great FPS' at that! See what savings you can get this week to fulfill your first person shooter fix."

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Duki2Lime3743d ago

GTA: Episodes from Liberty City now out for PS3- $39.99
GTA 4 is advertised to coincide with the Episodes -$29.99

So the better deal is to get GTA 4 which comes with the episodes?

mikepmcc3743d ago

No, coincide meaning the deal is going on at the same time, meaning 4 is 30 bucks. Pretty bad "deals" if you ask me.

Therealspy033742d ago


El_Colombiano3742d ago

I thought GTA IV was already $30. Actually about $20 at some places.

Rich16313743d ago

You can get better deals on the internet, that is why I buy 95% of my games from Amazon, free (and fast) shipping, no tax, and at least $10-15 less. I ain't been to Best Buy in years to buy games, even Circuit City had better deals...shame they went out of business.

Kalowest3743d ago

BB is cool, you can price-match to amazon to save money, say you see a game on Amazon for $35, add the shipping(They have alot of options)it comes out to $39-$42, you can just go to BB and get it for $35 and get some BBRP.

The Great Melon3743d ago


I wasn't aware Best Buy honored price matching with online stores such as Amazon. If this is true Best Buy might get more of my money now.

El_Colombiano3742d ago

WOW Price matching Amazon? Are they daft!? This will ruin them.

harv7113742d ago (Edited 3742d ago )

@ 3.1

Any order over $25 on Amazon is eligible for free shipping and depending on what state you live in you don't have to pay sales tax. Though your right there are other options. I prefer free over other options though. :P

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respawnaction3743d ago

The reason I posted the deals is because people maybe interested in a Borderlands deal that isn't Steam, and Bad Company 2 as well. Some people rather buy in store and receive the item all at once. Though I understand what you guys mean about Amazon.

jewsjumpin3743d ago

Best Buy usually has weak deals. Amazon ftw

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