PSP2 arriving right after E3?

This info came about when the retailer this guy works for was low in stock for PSP units. So curiously, he inquired about it to the Head Office, and the answer?

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id dot entity4303d ago

Talking about unreliable information.

Don't expect it to be true. Would be great though if it is.

fury4303d ago

But would be cool to see how the PSP2 looks like.

Premonition4303d ago

I think this guy is a little slow, I doubt its the PSP2, and its the new model of the original PSP. Just like Sony stopped the 1st PS2 models from being stocked to bring out the newer slim PS2 out, I think its the same case here if indeed sony announces the new model PSP.

xbox360elitegamer4303d ago

Could be, or maybe not , we must wait and see.
It would be awesome if a psp2 did come out!
I wounder what new features were will be?

Mr Blings4303d ago

Great, just as the psp is starting to get to a decent price level sony will yank it off shelves and ask people to shell out $299 again....It would be great if they keep the original out though and price it even further down, like say 129.99 to combat the DS even more.

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The story is too old to be commented.