Bungie Weekly Update - 04/02/10

Bungie: Last week we trotted Luke Smith and friends out to talk at some length about the economy of Credits and how they, coupled with Military Rank, will ultimately inform the visual accouterments adopted by your Spartan avatar in Halo: Reach. This week, we decided to get a little more technical and dive into the more matérielistic side of the multiplayer coin. We'll dig in even further in just a few, but since the two subjects do intertwine somewhat, I figured we'd begin where the two roads meet.

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SixZeroFour3752d ago (Edited 3752d ago )

"Active Camo can be used by Spartans and Elites alike"

interesting way of putting it turns out that there ARE going to be some AA's specifically designed for only spartans and only far sprint is for spartans, and evade is for elites only, which is what i thought when someone brought it up as a theory in a frame by frame look of one of the trailers

a lot of info about how they are going to balance gameplay in this update

this update cleared quite a few things up (even myths about the april fools trailer) good read