Dead Rising 2 upping the zombie count

Dead Rising 2 is looking to considerably up the walking dead count over its three-year-old predecessor; the five hundred or so zombies that appeared on-screen simultaneously in the first game will be replaced by thousands in the sequel.

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Halo3 MLG Pro3748d ago

The first one was one of my favorite single player experiences ever. I can't wait for this one.

mushroomwig3747d ago

Apparently two people disagree with that comment which must mean the first game wasn't one of your favourites. -__-

People can be so stupid.

-MD-3747d ago (Edited 3747d ago )

The original is one of those games that I regret not buying. Every couple of months I get an itch to mow down hundreds of zombies. I try to limit myself to buying 2 or 3 amazing games a year and this might have to be one of those purchases.

I hope they can deliver.

poindat3747d ago

Dead Rising 1 was one of the few games that made me wish I had a 360. I'm so glad that this is coming to the PS3 ^.^

ThanatosDMC3747d ago (Edited 3747d ago )

When my fatty crapped out on me i did nothing but slaughter zombies with my battleaxe. Also, surviving through the garage without a car sure was fun... no cart charging.

I'm hoping for multiplayer or at least co-op. Please let there be some stronger zombies. Like mini bosses cuz after i've slaughtered all the bosses all i had to fight were stupid zombies or the military.

MorganX3747d ago

I didn't like it until I figured out how to use the books properly to keep the chainsaws for virtually forever. Then it got good. The strict timers in teh game were a little too short and took away some of the fun but it did maintain a sense of urgency.

Great game. The sequel has a lot to live up to.

PS: I still haven't been able to shoot down the damn Helicopter and I want that achievement.

beans3747d ago

I loved the 1st and can't wait to pop this in my console. The game looks much better and with so many zombies Shaun of the Dead is now a reality on my TV. 360 and PS3 gamers are in for a treat later this year.

vhero3746d ago

Will this game EVER arrive? It was supposed to be released like nearly 2 year ago now..

garos823746d ago

was ridiculously fun!
it was one of the original titles on Xbox that i wish would get ported soon to ps3. nothing beats OTT crazy fun mowing down of zombies with anything you can get your hands on! and now that they are upping the zombie count ill definately be there to pick it up :P

even though capcom loves to shaft us with DLC they still remain one of my favorite game companies literally giving my days of fun with their really cool games. Now please bring next gen versions of onimusha and viewtiful joe please :P

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AliTheBrit193747d ago

Can't say I enjoyed the first one, but I think that's because I came to the party so late (mid-2008)

Will definitely check this one out.

Can anyone tell me if it matters if I finished the first one before playing this?

poindat3747d ago

It probably doesn't matter seeing as a good chunk of the consumers for this sequel wouldn't have played the first one, because of the exclusivity of the original.

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Aphe3747d ago

Sounds good. I loved the first one, but it was spoiled by the insane time limits and only having one save slot.

kancerkid3747d ago

I will kill every last zombie in this game.

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