Microsoft Did "Magic" With Project Natal Raw Tech Says Inventor PrimeSense

On Wednesday, Microsoft stood alongside the company its been working with for some time now, Israeli company PrimeSense, who designed the core 3D capture system from Project Natal.

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alaa3754d ago

Natal and Move are great for the casual, and will hopefully give the hardcore a new experience.

As for the magic MS has created? I haven't seen any gameplay footage of any game so I'll wait and see......

Icyhot3754d ago

Warning... Avast is giving me a Malware warning. Just sayin.

Darkstorn3754d ago

Natal is impressive technology, I'll give them that, but it's just not as adaptable as PS Move. Then again, I'm going to avoid motion control this gen.

Megaton3754d ago

Yeah, Trojan alerts again for GameThirst. 2nd article from there today to make Avast light up.

whateva3754d ago

because I'm not going to the website.

DelbertGrady3754d ago

Microsoft play their cards right not revealing Natal before E3 like Sony did with Move. Now everyone is on their toes about it.

Fanboys try their best to write it off even though they haven't seen/tried it yet. That kind of fear is just further proof of how strong its hype factor is.

Gue13754d ago

people just don't learn! This is like the PS3 that was hyped by Sony themselves and failed miserably on launch... If you see, Windows 7 and Zune were hyped like the best OS(ever!) and iPOD killer and none of them are all that, in fact Win7 it's nothing more than Vista with a glass gui. This is just more MS's BS trying to hype their crap like they always do with each of their products using people that are close to them(Cliffy B) or employees.

From where do you think the rumors about Natal's lag came from? Not from MS! But from real people like Matt Casamassima(or something like that) that think that Natal's a "big sh1t". <--- the ex ign editor actually said that.

pixelsword3754d ago

but both will have to rely on games to get the public to accept them.

Inside_out3754d ago

Well, I have all consoles...Wii is a very well made machine, gets knocked around here all the time, Never had a problem...I hope Sony and M$ have great games planned for their devices, Plan on buying both...The one thing about the Wii is its graphics...Terible...BUT...Wii a family magnet...When its on or have company over, nobody looks at the 360 or PS3...Wii sports and fun competition rule the day....E3 gonna be interesting...

Tricksy3754d ago

Move and Natal both, so that we can get on with non-gimicky game development.

Motion control is not ready for anything besides wii games and "big red balls". When the tech is cheap enough to be really good we will see consoles and games that make it "the new gaming experience".

I love what someone said about Natal gamplay looking like "the signal" from Team America. F-in hilarious and true.

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Godmars2903754d ago

And still, we've yet to see any true results of this "magic."

Chaostar3754d ago (Edited 3754d ago )

The only "magic" I've seen are those smoke and mirror ads MS made to get the concept across. Why all the secrecy MS? I know E3 is coming up but at least give us a tech demo that works... a 30 second clip... more Jonathan Ross... ANYTHING!

maniacmayhem3754d ago

Hold your horses guys!

E3 is right around the corner.

Nishka Fa Fa La Boo3754d ago

how about you wait until E3? stop being an idiot.

Godmars2903754d ago (Edited 3754d ago )

Same to you.

Stop being a fanboy and try being a consumer? Look at the product that was announced, hinted and hyped a year ago instead of the name.

Ditto to you too, maniacmayhem. If only less rudely.

SolidSystem3754d ago

I think i know you from gt...

back on topic

i agree MS needs to give us a real idea what to expect. but i also have a sneaking suspision they are trying to hold out for E3. the past few years have been "meh" at best, MS has been pretty good about keeping secrets and they want to leave a huge impression. I just hope we see something that makes me go "yeah! thats what I want the future of gaming to be like"

both the wii-mote and Move have been steps in the right direction, but i have yet to see the "future" or something that when I see makes me jump up and down.

Nishka Fa Fa La Boo3754d ago

I'm not being a fangirl. You are bashing them for not showing Natal yet. Wait for E3 and then talk. Natal is coming this holiday like they said. I don;t see what the problem is.

Kalowest3754d ago

The Magic is the Software behind it, not really the Camera itself.

Biggest3754d ago

You say wait for E3. Microsoft didn't wait for E3 when they put adds in Vanity Fair. They didn't wait when they red man group went on Late Night. They didn't wait to say how awesome Natal is compared to the Wii-Mote clone. This article didn't wait for E3. Keeping it in context is what we should do. To this point Natal is crap. It only works when you pretend it works. A smart consumer won't fall for it. I'm all about brand loyalty. I only use Land-O-Lakes half & half. But if they introduced Land-O-Lakes magic camera that doesn't really work, I wouldn't go for it.

JokesOnYou3754d ago (Edited 3754d ago )

As if anything you said is reason for micro to show something ahead of, micro certainly isn't going to show their hand until E3, just to satisfy a bunch of fanboys, sure we might get some small hints of whats to come and a whole lot of PR about Natals capabilities but thats it because micro is counting on showing what Natal can do plus the surprise factor goes along way to help wow the crowds at E3. Hell there have been regular games in devlopment for years with little to nothing of them being shown for years, after their initial reveal and then shown off alot only a few months before launch(KZ2, Alan Wake etc), so why the rush to show Natal stuff, with E3 right around the corner. All eyes will be on E3 making a huge impact with so many avg gamers and the majority of devs and media watching is far more important than bowing to the wishes of a few random fanboys.


IdleLeeSiuLung3754d ago (Edited 3754d ago )

I think it is a case of something else than real disappointment from somebody that hasn't seen anything and considering the reveal is this summer.

All I hear is genuine interest from publishers, developers and consumers!!!

Godmars2903754d ago (Edited 3754d ago )

Yeah, I'm *that* Godmars.

And I'm not bashing Natal, I'm bashing the unquestioning, blind loyalty of its fans. The same people who have been kissing MS's @$$ over the 360 extended warranties while not questioning why they had to do such a thing in the first place. MS showed Natal off last year w/o one actual game, and yet there were and still are Halo fans going nuts over the dodge ball game that will likely be a pack-in.

I actually want to see what Natal can do, I'm just sick to death of people talking about its "potential" since last E3 with Jack Sh!t to show for it.

"sure we might get some small hints of whats to come and a whole lot of PR about Natals capabilities"

No, JOY, no we haven't. If we had "fanboys" like myself would at least have less to complain about.

I mean, look at Move. Yes all the games they've shown for it so far are utter crap, but at least Sony isn't shy about showing the tech. Neither was Nintendo when they first rolled out the Wii. Its only MS who have been selling a name and not a product.

Cueil3754d ago

I've seen you say some pretty on the edge of fanboy things befor... people are excited about the POTENTIAL for the device... just like how poeple are excited about Move's potential...

Chaostar3754d ago

The thing about motion gaming is that most gamers like myself got burned by the Wii, looking like it maybe could deliver something that it couldn't. I bought a Wii Shortly after launch and was bitterly dissapointed, well at first I was just mildly disillusioned but the more I tried to use it for gaming the more I realised it wasn't accurate enough for my needs.

My point is that I'm now cautious about motion gaming and I want to see the tech working solidly before I invest my interest or my money. If MS has got Natal working to a decent degree, like they claim, then would it be too much to ask for them to prove it before people turn up at E3 with expectations WAY too high?

Triella3754d ago (Edited 3754d ago )

Yet we have seen countless Ricochet demos, and the last one to date (about one month ago), was exactly the same as last year's E3 presentation, with lag and the avatar doing the "bottom of an avatar shoes" stunt.

We've seen the splash paint demo which is neither interesting as a gaming mechanic nor as an "artistic" means of expression.

We also had recent reports of the failed Molyneux demo where the person demoing wasn't recognized by the camera because they were wearing black cloths ... reminds me of the N'Gai Coral fiasco when his hands weren't recognizsed by the camera because he's black, and people were saying then (one year ago) it was just a calibration issue.

We've seen (fake ?) leaked footages of geometry wars controled by Natal, too complicated, and a sort of half-life like demo with considerable camera and movments recognition problems.

Beside from the fact that I've seen no one being able to drive a car for more than 1 minute straight, the Burn out demo was the only one that worked.

Now I'm sure at E3 presentation we will see some other demos : a fitness thingy, a flight simulator or a Marble madness game controled by your hand, etc.

Godmars2903753d ago

People have seen more actual evidence of what Move can do than Natal from the first moment either were introduced, yet Natal's received more praise about its "potential."

All I'm saying is that if does have any it should have been shown before now, not just incessantly talked about.

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X_GAMER_X3754d ago

Day one buy for me. Even if its dos not have hardcore games. The Idea of controlling the interface and voice recognitions has me sold.

Plus if it dos have great casual game, My family will have great time with it. Social games

Blaze9293754d ago

exactly the same here. I'm excited for Natal just for the software aspect of its use. Could care less about playing motion games using the Wii, Natal, or Move. But Natal's software and features seem hella cool to control the 360 UI and even use on PC for everyday tasks if the software is right and it's a great thing Microsoft is a software company. If it comes with great games, then that's a plus.

talltony3754d ago

I won't be sold until I see some fight night controlled with natal accurately with barely any lag.If that happens then I will be one impressed gamer.

fryday3754d ago

Cannot wait to try it

First Person Fightgames !!!!

DlocDaBudSmoka3754d ago

on an idea. You're the exact kinda person is aiming this at.

" Day one buy for me. Even if its dos not have hardcore games. The Idea of controlling the interface and voice recognitions has me sold.

Plus if it dos have great casual game, My family will have great time with it. Social games"

beans3754d ago

If Natal is anything like the PrimeSense recent footage and I can even order food by pointing a finger then I'm sold. Now I see why they were talking with Samsung about putting 360's inside of there tv's. Just imagine a 360 and Natal integrated in your set. Sure the games are what matter and this year at E3 MS will finally make the Wii a forgotten thing.

-MD-3754d ago

I have some money set aside so I can pick up Natal and a game or two when it launches.

I can't wait to see what Rare has cooking.

IdleLeeSiuLung3754d ago

I'm excited as well. This is the sort of thing as a kid I dreamed we could do in gaming so I'm looking forward to it.

Probably day 1 purchase for me as well if the price is right!

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Michael-Jackson3754d ago (Edited 3754d ago )

It's not magic if it lags.

LordMarius3754d ago Show
givemelbpbetakeys3754d ago

it does a pretty good job showing the bottom of avatars shoe, doesn't it?

Michael-Jackson3754d ago (Edited 3754d ago )

I will be more impressed if you can take the avatars shoe off. Such a gimmick piece of crap.

avengers19783753d ago

THQ's "project" will be based on the success of the Natal; they said that they have it on the boards, and if Natal does well, then they will start making it.

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