Koku Gamer - Just Cause 2 Review

Koku writes: "My experience with the original Just Cause was rather interesting. Yes, the game had its ups and downs, but I never really cared. Why? Because I had a certain kind of fun with the title that I hadn't had with video games in quite some time: an immense amount of mindless fun. This is the kind of fun you have with a game where you just do random things because you can, and doing something as simple as traveling becomes fun because it's not just limited to basic walking or driving. Since the game's release, I've probably experience a somewhat higher level of mindless fun with Crackdown and a few non-linear RPGs (although in a much different sense in regards to the latter), yet my mindless fun with Just Cause continued to stick out because it was just that unique and memorable. Along those lines, I hypothesized that if a sequel were to ever come out, the original had enough potential for an infinitely better sequel. Now however, Just Cause 2 is out, and I can finally put my theory to the test."

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