Digital Foundry: PrimeSense: Beyond Natal

It begins. After spending much of the last year in "stealth mode", Microsoft is starting its campaign to ramp up awareness for its revolutionary Project Natal motion-sensing hardware. On Wednesday, the platform holder revealed that its key partner in the creation of its new controller-less controller is little-known Israeli company PrimeSense, who designed the core 3D capture system at the heart of Natal.

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Dance3752d ago

Still need to see this in action

EvilBlackCat3752d ago

Instead of hating MOVE & NATAL why not been more open minded and accept those ideas in the gaming world.

ARE YOU AFRAID TO DIE BECAUSE OF THEM? Traditional Controllers are not going anywhere. WHY THE HELL ARE YOU AFRAID PEOPLE?

Redgehammer3752d ago

for the information. I found the article to be informative, and am happy for the PrimeSense guys, they had a vision and looked for an outlet to make it manifest. I truly hope that they achieve their goals. As for Natal ,I am not sure if I am amotion gamer or not, but I know my kids will love acting out in front of a camera, and if the games are compelling then Natal should do well.

IdleLeeSiuLung3748d ago

A lot of good information on Natal and PrimeSense....