Resident Evil: Afterlife Official Images Revealed

Capcom Entertainment has today revealed new images from Sony Pictures Entertainment's forthcoming motion-picture feature, Resident Evil: Afterlife, based on the hit Capcom franchise, Resident Evil. Starring Milla Jovovich and Ali Larter, Resident Evil: Afterlife is written and directed by Paul W.S. Anderson and will be shown in 3D.

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mjolliffe3752d ago

Last Picture = Brilliance!

Nitrowolf23752d ago

seeing the spikes come out on the shoulder like that
it reminds me of GOW3 Hades lol

LordMarius3752d ago

I like this franchise, its a fun twist on the Resident Evil universe.
I'm glad this movie is being shot in 3D and not 2D then converted to 3D, the pics already show it. It also looks like it will borrow plot lines from RE5

Silly gameAr3752d ago

Looks awesome. This one could get it right.

Ryuha1234h3752d ago

This movie will suck just like the others. Those movies are not resident evil in my opinion.

Johnny Rotten3752d ago

I agree, the first one was good but after that they were boo ratings.

Hellsvacancy3751d ago (Edited 3751d ago )

There all crap, even watchin them stoned doesnt help, very very poor, each 2 there own of course

This looked better then ANY of the movies and that looks REALLY bad

Captain Hotpot3752d ago

These films bring shame to the Resident Evil Franchise, they need to stop, soon.
Have, have they stopped yet? No? Ok, just tell me when it's over. *closes door*

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