Lens of Truth: Just Cause 2 Video Comparison

Lens of Truth writes," If you haven't guessed, Just Cause 2 is the follow up of the 2006 Eidos release of Just Cause. The first entry in the series had fairly impressive visuals for its time, so how does Just Cause 2 stack up with the high expectations of today's games? Read on to find out."

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THC CELL4931d ago (Edited 4931d ago )

am sorry ps3 version looks well better

i wish some of the developers would try ps3 as a exclusive cause games like this would look way better than even pc games

yes this is a console aguement so pc fanboys step out
cause if it was a ps3 exclusive well what can i say it would look a million times better

Picture call of duty exclusive to ps3

its strange but i think sony has made a deal for a MOH exclusive ps3

Silly gameAr4931d ago (Edited 4931d ago )

I was was watching a JTV cast of BFBC2 yesterday afternoon and I have to say that BF 2 on the PC seriously looks better than the PS3 or 360 port.

I haven't seen PC gameplay of JC 2 yet, but if it is like BF2, then PC wins.

But I'm a console gamer, so it really doesn't matter much I guess.

evildeli4931d ago

I think if you have a pimped out machine, almost everything is gonna look better on the PC

THC CELL4931d ago (Edited 4931d ago )

i dont care for bfbc 2 they said they was going to beat Killzone 2 or match there gfx they lost that one big time

Pc games look good but and ps3 games can match or look better than them without Xbox blocking the way all the time as developers dont want to show xbox up
Sq proved that all ready with ff13 what a show up that is
Big time

GiantEnemyCrab4931d ago (Edited 4931d ago )

Yea, who cares if it's a tie the PS3 is the bestest because it is the bestest! FACT!

Xbox is from 1980 with 8 track support! FACT!

Dance4931d ago (Edited 4931d ago )

Step away from the computer lol

Theonik4931d ago (Edited 4931d ago )

Replace almost with everything. ;)
That said if it were an exclusive it would have a greater chance to look good as the developers can focus on optimising the engine to just 1 platform. (that applies for exclusives across all platforms Vs most of their multiplat counterparts)

Biggest4931d ago

Don't make up lies about the 360, GiantEnemyCrab! It's from 1996 and has DVD.

Theonik4931d ago

The 360 doesn't have blast processing so it is clear that the PS3 is better. ;)

-MD-4931d ago

"ps3 as a exclusive cause games like this would look way better than even pc games"

Gaming is slowly dying if you believe a console from 2006 will outperform a PC.

poindat4931d ago

Don't act like that. We all know that is how you were in the past. We all know it, including you. I suspect that you still are anyways, PS3 or no PS3.

Anyways, I can't find anything to really comment on about this, and I never can. I don't understand how to some people these comparisons represent major differences between the versions of the games. In reality, when the game is in motion and you are sucked into it, even the larger differences tend to disappear because you are focusing on the game. That's the reality to it, and unless most of you can attest to that.

Lens of Truth is total bullsh*t.

HolyOrangeCows4931d ago

The PS3 version has a slight advantage.

lil Titan4930d ago

is it just me or is anyone else sick and tired of comparisons between the PS3 and the 360?

Ravage274930d ago (Edited 4930d ago )

i'm not gonna lie, i click on these comparison articles just to check out the reactions most of the time. I'm not really interested in seeing which version has an extra 2 fps or 'crispier' visuals whatever that means. Multiplats are well...multiplats, games that never pushes the visual boundaries like true exclusives would...so why bother?

Fact is a great deal of 360 fanboys use 'superior multiplats!' to justify their console purchase and have an unsuppressible need to rub it in ps3 owners' faces every time their preferred version wins.

It's (somewhat) amusing to see those hypocrites turning angry and dismissing evidences that proves the contrary whenever it's the PS3's turn to rule supreme.

There have been many case but the infamous FF13 incident will definitely ring a bell. It's downright hilarious when you see people downplaying 576p vs 1080p CGI yet boasting that a few fps advantage in JC2's cinematic should have proclaimed the 360 version superior.

*facepalm* yea i'm sure cinematics matters more to JC2 than FF13 /s

Commander TK4930d ago

yesterday, and I have to say that it craps on the console versions

DaTruth4930d ago

When I buy a multiplat, it is for gameplay and graphics don't even come into it, because if they did, I wouldn't be buying any multiplats! Other than FF13 of course, I still watch the PSN 1080p compressed trailers in disbelief at how bad they look compared to the game!

Having the slightly better graphics of bad graphics isn't much to tout!

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THC CELL4931d ago

played both and ps3 owned the xbox version by miles

AliTheBrit194931d ago (Edited 4931d ago )

Really? by MILES you say? care to elaborate, because in all these roll over images the 360 version looks better, PS3 always seems to have that slightly blurred effect which is annoying.

evildeli4931d ago

Yeah, blurred effect...except when it comes to motion blur ;)

kevinx10004931d ago (Edited 4931d ago )


Ever thought about the fact that we can look for ourselfes and see the obvious winner?

cereal_killa4931d ago

Wow theres a surprise AlitheMuppet claims all the pics look better on the 360. clearly I wouldn't expect anything else from a brainwashed Muppet it's too bad you idiot fanboys have nothing else but game sales and the hope that some developer can't match the same pixel count on the PS3 as on the 360.

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Silly gameAr4931d ago

I'm not PC gamer, I game on consoles. I said that. When I saw the PC version of BFBC 2 in action, I was blown away by how much more detailed it was than on consoles.

Your little Caption Obvious pic would be better elsewhere since it wasn't too obvious to me.

morganfell4931d ago

But yet you had to state something that was so obvious. Why? You had to have some sort of comeback to knock the PS3 down because it won a CONSOLE COMPARISON? Do the words ON TOPIC mean anything to you?

You opened this silly can of worms. Don't get embarrassed because of the fact you were driven to state something that is obvious, which can only mean that to you...it was not quite so apparent.

Silly gameAr4931d ago

Dude,embarrassment is the last thing on my mind when commenting. I couldn't care less what you or anyone else thinks of my opinions. I was responding to Th3 Cell when he made the comment that he did about PC and PS3 games.

Morgan, I actually follow your comments on here. PS3 is my preferred console, but I'm not D riding the hell out of it or ignoring the good points of other console or other peoples preferences because I have been with the Playstation since the PS1.

I can give credit where it is due, unlike some folks.

bboss4931d ago

"PlayStation 3 with less screen tearing/lower frame rate and faster loading times and on the other you have the Xbox 360 with a higher frame rates/more tearing and motion blur."

Pick your poison

jaidek4931d ago

They both seemed to have been poisoned.

Kuzo4931d ago

I'll take the ps3 on this game. The cut scenes look less poisonous