PS3 vs PS3: God Of War III vs Uncharted 2 Hi-Def Screenshot Comparison

But like in everything else there's good, better and best. God of War III and Uncharted 2 are the best looking games on PS3. Still the question exists, which one's the most visually impressive?

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unrealgamer583148d ago

I'll give it to uncharted, But you have to admit gow 3 has alot more going on Ingame.

Darkstorn3148d ago

I still think Killzone 2 had the MOST stuff happening onscreen at a given time. The sparks flying everywhere, the smog, the explosions and all that made it almost hypnotizing.

And I think we need to distinguish between technical graphics and art style. Personally, I think Jet Set Radio has some of the awesomest graphics around to this day, but they may not be as realistic as say, Uncharted 2.

SnuggleBandit3148d ago

Just speaking from playing the actual games, not these screenshots, I think GOW looks better. The scale is FAR bigger and also, just some spots in the game look UNREAL. Like when you are ripping hades' pec off, that part right there looked absolutely crazy!!

The textures in GOW were amazing, and even though uncharted's lighting was a little more realistic, i would give it to GOW overall.

ABizzel13148d ago

This is a tough one. Overall Uncharted 2 wins in my book, because the graphics in God of War 3 are inconsistent. If the entire game of GOW 3 was as brethtaking as the Poseidon or Chronos battles then it would easily win any graphics comparison battle.

But it's not. When you're in a moment of downtime or fighting a couple of skeletons the game still looks good, but not as mind blowing as the previous scenes I listed, and at similar points in Uncharted 2 the game is still as impressive as if you were right in the action.

God of War 3 demonstrated the best use of graphical detail in the Poseidon and Chronos battle that I've seen so far in gaming, but overall best graphics still goes to Uncharted 2, Killzone 2, and Crysis (God of War 3 just misses the mark by an eyelash).

But we still have Gran Turismo 5, The Last Guardian, Crysis 2, and other games to try and dethrone the current winners.

Megaton3148d ago

Anyone else getting a Trojan alert when visiting the page? Avast blocks something every time.

randomwiz3148d ago (Edited 3148d ago )

in my opinion, the camera angles in God of War 3 don't do the game justice. There were moments I just wanted to stop and and admire the scenery, but I couldn't.

I think graphically, they were similar, but I liked the environments in Uncharted 2 better, but the Chronos battle in God of War 3 was really awesome.

Tachyon_Nova3148d ago

I think GOWIII looks better, as in I prefer looking at it than UC2, but UC2 does have better texture resolution etc etc. Lighting in GOWIII is pretty impressive though, you have to admit.

raztad3148d ago (Edited 3148d ago )


I do agree camera position is definitely against GoW3. Still it never ceases to amazes me. Game is smooth as butter (>30fps), EPIC beyond belief while manage to have such sharp textures and gorgeous environments. I cant believe how smooth is the transition from the Grand scale to up close w/o a single framedrop. Oh, and dont forget MLAA.

With all due respect for UC2, there is not competition GoW3 is king.

sikbeta3148d ago

PS3 vs PS3: God Of War III vs Uncharted 2 Hi-Def Screenshot Comparison.... and The Winner is:


presto7173148d ago

Only room for one on top I guess. We will be seeing more and more of these as ps3 continues to pull ahead.

mikeslemonade3148d ago

Uncharted 2 looks better than God of War 3, but God of War 3 has more things going on screen.

bnaked3148d ago

Imo, Uncharted 2 is still the grafics king.. I think it's because of the art design. I mean, it's so damn impressive on the roof top in Nepal. Or the village, it's just beautyful.. yes, beautyful.

bpac1234567893148d ago (Edited 3148d ago )

GOW 3 looks amazing but it suffers from a fixed camera. The camera is noramlly so far away that you can't really see how amazing every texture really is. When it finally does zoom in you get a rare treat and it looks like one of the best games ever. But Uncharted 2 had consistency and a lot more detail packed into each environment. But GOW 3 was every bit as epic and two scenes in particular outdid anything in uncharted 2.

Edit: and GOW 3 has the best lighting ever! EVER! It's only possible competition is Gran turismo 5. For example, The light is so realistic that it sends beams of light through each individual feather on krato's Icurus wings. There where so many spots where the lighting blew me away.

sid4gamerfreak3148d ago

lol look at the number of off topics reported in this article...

Both are really awesome games and to me they seem equal, both catering to different environments in a highly detailed manner.

ChineseDemocracy3148d ago

To be quite honest, i can't really decide. Both games are outstanding in their own right, i'm not sure if it's entirely fair to compare the two. Third person shooter vs. Action/Hack'n'Slash they both require different kinds of gameplay elements.

That being said, I'd call it a tie. Uncharted is possibly the most graphically consistent game I've ever seen, the whole thing looks CGI. However, the sheer scale and amount of action going on in GOWIII is equally impressive. I remember right after the Hades fight, i was just so impressed i kind of just sat there.

Commander TK3148d ago

Crysis beats both. Yes, I know it is unfair to compare PC games to consoles games, but Crysis has no competition now

HDgamer3147d ago

It's come to a time where ps3 gamers have to compare two beastly AAA games against each other not only for graphics but gameplay. It's just too bad that both games crush a lot of 360 fanboys dreams and lies.

Rageanitus3147d ago

graphics are washed out and the textures are low res with the low resultion on top of that

gow3 and uc2 easily trump kz2... why the textures are better the resolution is higher and the facial animation is also better.

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kaveti66163148d ago

Uncharted was an amazing looking game in most of the areas. My only gripe with Uncharted 2 was that even though the developers had a lot of disc space to worth with, some of the scenery was repeating way too often. For example, in the Nepal level where Drake and Chloe are searching for the right temple, Drake does a lot of climbing on telephone poles and/or advertisement poles to get to places, and I noticed that the advertisements were the same from pole to pole. I don't know if it's a disc space issue or a RAM issue, but I figured with more disc space to work with, Naughty Dog would add in more varied environments. Other than that, the game looks astounding, but it's the Crysis palm tree effect if you know what I mean.

I am going to play God of War III like tomorrow or next week. I think I will be blown away.

bpac1234567893148d ago

Wow I've played the game Four times and I never noticed that. That's gonna hurt the immersion for me a little if I play again.

shadow27973148d ago

Yeah, I've never seen more than one advertisement from the same company in real life before. That would be crazy.

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Silly gameAr3148d ago

Man, I'm sorry, but why do the Uncharted 2 screenshots always look so washed out?

Uncharted 2 is a vibrant, detailed game, and these screens always look so washed out.

Brklynty13148d ago

Those same washed out screenshots are still better than most of the comparisons it gets, like 98% of the time. In this case its matter of opinion, they both look very good.