The Near Monopolization of Madden

That Gaming Site writes: "As is customary, EA Sports will be releasing another 'new' Madden video game this summer, with Madden 2011. The problem with this is that Madden essentially has no real competition because of their exclusive license with the NFL. This license prevents other companies from producing a football game using NFL players, teams, jerseys, stadiums, etc."

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Elven63747d ago

Good times with NFL Blitz and 2K, I really haven't picked up a Madden game in a while although to their credit, EA has tried to do things with Madden to keep things fresh and it's not like the game doesn't review well.

cyborg69713747d ago

Of course if reviews well there is nothing to compare it to. All pro football is what 3, or 2 years ago, and backbreaker which looks good not in graphics but gameplay should disrupt the order a bit. I will defiantly be watching that game the hits are amazing none are scripted.

Rainstorm813747d ago

I used to think EA getting the nfl license was a good thing, but how much innovation have they put into since losing all competition?

They have access to ESPN and NFL FIlms vaults yet madden's presentation has just reached past sub par. It ridiculous its like they arent even trying but the truth is they dont have to.

Looks like EA sports focus is more on Fifa than madden.

Cernex3747d ago

With the new United Football League now OFFICIALLY existing (which, by coincidence, also means the NFL has some REAL competition after XFL imploded into itself and AFL's system proved to be so inefficient it eventually exploded too), who knows? If a company wants to release a Blitz-type game, they could always asks for UFL's license. I'm sure it would be cheap anyway.

Elven63747d ago

I highly doubt UFL will do much to hurt NFL in anyway, I think you would probably have better luck with getting a CFL license!

gfrag3747d ago

I don't really play madden unless a bad-ass feature comes out, other than that they are all the same.

sinclaircrown3747d ago

However, how often do you play Madden, for a while, then pick up your copy of the gamee from 2 years ago and try it? I did it once a few months ago. Madden 08 seemed awful in comparison.

I also thought they were always the same til then..

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Baka-akaB3747d ago

This is one of the very rare instance , i'd like to see activision compete and clone EA .
Dont misunderstand i hate them ... but EA need some big kick in the derriere with their Sports monopoly and antics .

It would be great to have someone as big as them , like again activision , or even Sony and Microsoft , compete against them for sports rights , and force them to up their quality .

Sony did a great job so far with MLB the show .. they should do the same with Soccer , given their strong base in europe , and actually advertise the sh*t out of it .. and bundle it .

Elven63747d ago

2K Sports is the only real competition right now, there was Midway with Blitz but who knows where that is now. Backbreaker is the only one in the near future but asides from that it's all EA.

I think Sony did do a soccer game at one point, so did Microsoft back when they did sports stuff. The problem with first parties doing sports titles is that it could hurt their standings with third parties which no one wants. Instead companies simply focusing on attracting third parties to their platform.

Baka-akaB3747d ago

They are most likely afraid of falling into the same situation as Sega did with EA .

EA did pull their support for the dreamcast , after SEGA refused to end their (far better) sports line .

One could only imagine what virtua striker could bring had sega kept at least its balls and the serie going .

But they really shouldnt , EA is so big now that they need to constantly acquire studios and do better profits to sustain themselves .
They most likely would shoot themselves in the foot by losing either console market .

In Soccer again (and with very little knowledge of US football beyond the anime/manga serie Eyshield 21 lol) Sony or Microsoft should at least back up one horse , and partner up say , with Konami , for some mutual help in developement , cost reductions , but most of all licensing fees .

Elven63747d ago

According to Bernie Stollar recently, the deal was to EA would support the Dreamcast if SEGA made sure no other third party sports game could be on the console. A lot of the greatest Dreamcast games were sports games so I think SEGA chose the lesser of two evils.

SEGA still has Football manager I believe which has some "gameplay" elements.

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