PS3 Continues to Dominate in Japan

IGN: There's no stopping the PS3 in Japan. For the second week in a row, the system topped both the hardware and software charts from Media Create.

In software, the PS3 version of Fist of the North Star Musou debuted with 385,000 units, easily placing it in first. The pairing of the Fist of the North Star manga license with the Dynasty Warriors franchise also saw Xbox 360 release. This version placed 7th

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Ryuha1234h3752d ago

PS1>N64>Sega Saturn
PS2>Dreamcast>Xbox>G amecube

Red_Orange_Juice3752d ago

~47K advantage a week? wow, thats easily 2mil a year

DannyVenom3752d ago

Original Xbox was pretty strong in comparison to PS2, though I owned the PS2.

Shang-Long3752d ago

Ya you were fine until psp and ds. Psp is more powerful however the DS is even more popular

HolyOrangeCows3751d ago

Japan was the decider for WW sales in February, and with PS3 sales at 156,000 in Japan, it could VERY well be again.

vhero3751d ago

Japan is the sole reason Sony doesn't care about being 5k-10k behind a month in America as it quadruples those sales in Japan in a week but of course MS choose to ignore this. Also these poor sales of 360 games can't go on forever eventually Jap developers will drop MS console and lets be fair here that will be a massive hit for 360 as US devs alone will not bring MS the victory. MS knew this early on that's why they paid so much for FF and contracts with mistwalker.

Ravage273751d ago

i have a soft spot for japanese games and it's good news for me when the PS3 is selling well there.

The growing install base is going to have huge influence on the direction of games with Japan as the target market.

KH3 and a new HD Monster Hunter are one of those games whose existence lies heavily on the fate of PS3 japanese sales, not to mention the lesser known JRPG devs who derives the majority of their sales from their home market.

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Dance3752d ago

Good numbers but i cant see them keeping up this momentum for very long

garos823751d ago

not trying to have a jibe at you but care to elaborate?

Tony-A3751d ago

It's been half a year since the Slim was released.

How long until it dies?

sikbeta3751d ago


You can't see or You DON'T WANT to see?


Amazing for the PS3, at this rate 2m assured by the end of 2010

kneon3752d ago (Edited 3752d ago )

This isn't really news, the PS3 always does great in Japan. The real news is that the XBox had software chart in the top 10, that rarely ever happens. I'm sure it will be short lived though, there just aren't enough Xboxes there to sustain a long sales run on any single title.

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