Analysis: FFXIII And The Aging RPG Gamer

Gamasutra writes:

"Of course it's silly that gamers and game-makers continually press the "can a game make you cry" question, as if tears were the ultimate judge of depth. Nonetheless, it seems that games used to make me cry a lot more than they do now.

Granted, as a kid and young teen I was especially sentimental even for my age, easily hoodwinked by pretty imagery into loving two-dimensional characters. In other words, I was the textbook Final Fantasy franchise fan who cried when Aeris died, when Tifa was trying to save Cloud's memory, when Squall let Rinoa out of the Sorceress Memorial, when Garnet went tearing through the crowd to find Zidane -- y'know, you get the idea. I pretty much cried about everything."

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