IncGamers' MMO News Wrap-Up

IncGamers' Bill Vaughan takes a look at all the MMO news from the past week, which this time includes updates on Global Agenda, DC Universe Online, Star Wars: The Old Republic, Stargate Worlds, All Points Bulletin, Mortal Online and Champions Online.

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Maticus3747d ago

Ooo Bill Roper in charge of a gaming company again... good thing? :P

Fyzzu3747d ago

I'm going to have to give Global Agenda a try. I like the idea of it, but time is - as ever - the pressing issue.

Malfurion3747d ago

Thing is, because it's free after the one-off cash layout it doesn't matter if you can't play for a while.

Myst3747d ago

It's a pretty good game, but for those who hate a since of repetitiveness you may get a bit irked. At the onset of leaving the tutorial you are presented with at least the option to start a PvE mission, and from what I've gathered through my few plays is that they have at least 3~4 different layouts for that PvE mission ( for low levels ). The problem being is that sometimes you won't notice all of these layouts, but rather you'd probably see let's say layout 2 about five times, layout 1 about four times, and the rest are really minimal.

Though once you get to the second PvE the difficulty bumps up a lot and not sure how many layouts there are as my laptop sadly is not fit to run Global Agenda that well, saddened I barely play it anymore. Though I played a Medium difficulty game once (step up from beginner), the change in difficulty is a fresh of breath air.

As for PvP it's a rather enjoyable experience I must say. Not an avid PvP player, but if my computer worked well enough I could see myself getting sucked into it. Coupled with mic/headphone support (whatever it's called) it can get pretty intense. As I was playing and listening to people, they were throwing out some pretty good strategies I believe we won that one also).

For 50.00 or what not the game is worth it. Just make sure your pc/laptop can run it, unlike the mistake I made. Which is going to force me into buying more RAM.

Malfurion3747d ago

When is DCUO out anyway, soon?