2010 Year on Year and Market Share Update to March 27th

How are the Wii, Xbox 360 and PS3 performing against themselves and each other when compared to previous years?

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Nathan Drake23749d ago

so fake charts think that ps3 outsold x360 in first 3 months of 2010 by 800.000 units WW? only in japan there is 500.000 units gap in first 3 months.

lelo2play3749d ago

LOL... vgchartz

Better wait for official numbers.

Parapraxis3749d ago (Edited 3749d ago )

VGCharts should not be trusted by ANYBODY.

They recently said it took GOW III a week to hit 1.1ml units WORLDWIDE, when in actuality the game had sold 1 million in North America ALONE in the first few days.

VGC completely wrong:

Accurate figures for North America ALONE (UK and others yet to be disclosed):

Didn't think I needed to add the links, but it would seem so.

Bigpappy3749d ago (Edited 3749d ago )

PS3 sells 5 mil in Japan this year (I don't see it) and is even steven with 360 between US and Europe. This would be very difficult, but do'able if M$ fails with Halo and Natal.

Oner3748d ago (Edited 3748d ago )

Here are some additional points to consider

1) If US is about even and Japan still sells well but falls short of 5 Mill or so then Europe will be the deciding factor and with GT5 releasing this year Sony will definitely be close to or surpass the 360.

2) With #1 in mind the only way MS will keep a "lead" (on paper not in real world usage/ownership) is to price drop the 360. Which is almost a definite at this point because they are stagnating EVERYWHERE outside of the US and even to an extent in the US as well since I see a hell of a lot of 360 adds promoting a 360 with 2 games AND a $50 off deal JUST to keep pace with the PS3 in America. A price drop is certain by MS. Is that Good? Is that Bad? I have a few opinions about that but that is for another time.

3) Sony might just be crazy enough to match a price drop in relation but not in equal amount (like $149 vs $149) to keep up the momentum they have with the new slimmer PS3

4) Which brings me to that there may actually be some validity to Sony dropping a REAL PS3 Slim when PS Move hits coupled with the release of GT5. This would probably cause a frenzy and be a solid combo to make some crazy sales. Especially a lower priced PS3 for GT5 alone. THAT would kill World Wide but Europe's sales would go ballistic and REALLY threaten even Nintendo's sales, while MS's 360 would have a high probability of starting to go the way it does in Japan.

5) I believe if Nintendo follows suit and price drops the Wii that will obviously make them increase sales but I'd be hard pressed to say it will affect/impact Sony all that much. Now vs MS that is hard to say as it could go either way ~ for, equal or against. We would have to see but again the World Wide trend is growing clearer and clearer for MS's console.

The bottom line is that Microsoft DESPERATELY needs a quantity of quality TRUE exclusives to keep them afloat RIGHT NOW and coming up. This is absolutely imperative and EXTREMELY key to them to JUST even keep up with the PS3. MS needs to make something really big happen and I'm sorry if they are banking on Natal only...then they got even bigger problems than even I described.

Slimshadyn3749d ago (Edited 3749d ago )

lol, not disagreeing with you that vg might be inaccurate but that second article did say this

Dille did not specify whether those were North America sales or worldwide. God of War III launched first in North America on March 16 followed by Europe and Australia on March 18 and 19.

not saying anything, just saying

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