First PC Screens of Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City

Rockstar writes - "Check out a few screenshots from the upcoming PC version of Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City featuring the protagonsits from both episodes - Johnny Klebitz of The Lost and Damned and Luis Lopez of The Ballad of Gay Tony. Click on each image to see in full-size 1920x1144 HD resolution.

Episodes from Liberty City coming to Games for Windows - LIVE and PlayStation 3 on April 13th in North America and April 16th in Europe."

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Letros5226d ago (Edited 5226d ago )

Still never finished GTAIV, should I do so before doing these episodes, or are they non-related.

@below, k thanks, I'll try to finish it asap!

zeeshan8105226d ago

you must play GTA IV before you play Episodes from Liberty City or you won't understand the story.

MmaFanQc5226d ago

it wont ever happen on the pc and ps3 they told me......

did they lied?

cheese5226d ago

That simply isn't true. The episodes intersect with the main game in some minor ways, but each is entirely its own story.

Red_Orange_Juice5226d ago

As far as I know, the mission involving diamonds connects all parts together.
Can't wait to play it on PS3.

Blaze9295226d ago

You clearly didn't play Episodes from Liberty City as you don't need to play GTAIV at all to understand anything. They are all completely unrelated besides the Trinity mission.

AliTheBrit195226d ago

The guy above is lying you dont have to at all the story will make perfect sense, but I would recommend finishing GTA IV anyway because its a great game.

lh_swe5226d ago

No it isn't!

The story and missions are good but the side missions are utter s***! like amongst the most booring I have played.

The DLC is much better! basically what GTA IV should have been initially.

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ian725226d ago

Glad it came to PS3 and PC. Will get this for my PS3, need to finish GTA4 first though.
What a funny name you have, NOT. Grow up.

hybridtheory125226d ago

at first I hated GTA 4 but with time I started to like it, and now its my favorite game of 2008 next to MGS4. So i will def buy the episodes!

Charmers5226d ago

Looks like Rockstar really went to town in improving the graphics for the PC version ....... oh wait they look exactly the same as the xbox 360 version. Nice one Rockstar really could you guys get any lazier on the PC.

I guess once again it will fall to the PC community to make this game actually LOOK like a decent PC game.

Letros5226d ago

PC does have a lot higher resolution textures, something that isn't always a given for ports.

Charmers5226d ago

Well they obviously didn't use them in those screen shots then I would say those screen shots look 99% the same as the xbox 360 version. I would hardly call that an upgrade, but then it is something to be expected from Rockstar these days.

Letros5226d ago

Yea, they really could have done better on GTA IV PC overall, don't get me wrong I prefer it to my 360 copy, but Rockstar could really do wonders with the PC's resources, ah well that's the world we live in now, there's always APB =)

champ215226d ago

leave it to the modders guys, the game will look nice once the mods are done.

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1nsomniac1586d ago

Great news completely ruined by the removal of Vice City FM.

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