Link shown between video games and violence?

Research led by a pair of Iowa State University psychologists has proven for the first time that exposure to violent video games can desensitize individuals to real-life violence.

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TreEz795406d ago (Edited 5406d ago )

HORROR MOVIES like THE HILLZ HAVE EYES and HOSTEL are way, way, wayyyyyyyyyyyyy more dangerous to watch then any video game EVER! VIDEO GAMES are not dangerous, HOLLYWOOD IS!

After watching HILLZ HAVE EYES UNRATED, my brain will never be the same. No game can even come close to the VIOLENCE in that movie. RAPE, BURNING SOMEONE ON A STAKE, SMASHING PEOPLE IN THE FACE WITH A MATTOCK, you name it and it's in there. Those so- called IOWA scientist need to test HOOROR MOVIES THAT MAKE 50 MILLION DOLLARS

Cyclonus5406d ago

A film, no matter how violent, is a passive experience; you're watching someone else kill. You're watching someone else being killed.

With games, on the other hand, it is you who are doing the killing-by the hundreds, or by the thousands. The repetition of an act can cause desensitization to it.

But that doesn't mean violent videogames are to blame for anything. It takes real hatred to murder someone, and games can't provide that, they can't put the will or desire to hurt into a kid, but what it can do is make someone used to the sight of blood, suffering, and dismemberment-to make it not a big deal.

Bill Nye5406d ago

While I do believe the interactivity in games causes a sort of desensitization to violence, I do not believe, like this article suggests, that "exposure to violent video games increases aggressive thoughts, angry feelings, physiological arousal and aggressive behaviors, and decreases helpful behaviors." I believe if someone were thinking of committing some sort of crime, and they'd been playing videogames, it was not the videogame that instilled the thought. With studies like this it seems more like that videogames desensitize someone so that they feel less inhibited to commit some crime.

starbug one5405d ago

Here's my take on this violence in video games debate.
It's all smoke and mirrors. There is so much violence in the world today. America at war with the middle east, Dafur, Isreal vs Palistine it's endless. The real cause of the strife for the most part is money and oil and the control over essential resources. Now certain governments are having problems w/ their citizens actually knowing about the violence occuring in thier names and the people are angry about the whole thing. So the solution is to blame it all on video games, or 'hey don't worry about Isreal committing war crimes against civilians because little Johnny is playing Grand Theft Auto.

It happens all the time. In Canada, Ontario specifically there has been a ban on smoking indoors. You can't even smoke w/in 8 Meters (10 yards) of a public building. Are people really kicking off that much from second hand smoke? If you do some analysis the amount of smokers is on a steady decline/ the amount of cancer is still rising. What's causing the increase is the amount of carbons and crap in our smog. The auto industry makes scads of cash so let's blame it all on the tobacco industry. They're the bad guys already.