Would You Like A Gold-Dipped Xbox 360?

From the folks who gave the world the gold-dipped PS3 comes the gold-dipped...Xbox 360.

The Xbox 360 and its controller have been plated with 24kt gold. King Midas is pleased.

For those who might be in the market for a golden Xbox 360, know that the jeweler's 24kt PS3 starts at US$4,999. Ballin'.

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Myst3743d ago

Honestly I don't see why people like Gold on their consoles I personally can't stand the color. black or silver with perhaps a design of some color with the design being Something abstract is something I'd like. Perhaps something very similar to what is portrayed in the picture I've listed.

I guess it may just be me, but I really don't like Gold (color wise) :/

mastiffchild3743d ago

Same as that, myself. I prefer silver/white gold/red gold/platinum jewellery or coloured jewellery personally and find normal yellow gold a bit tacky to look at, dunno why and wouldn't even want to guess! Why anyone would want to make this, buy this or mess about thinking about it's beyond me and I think that it might be clever but really can't see the point in it all.

Gold, though, crap colour. Maybe it's because of all those rip off Chanel handbags they always try to sell you on holiday that did it. Placcy instead of leather and tin applique instead of gold, lovely.

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The Simple Truth3743d ago

All that gold is bound to cause RROD.

The Iron Sheik3743d ago

Sure so I could sell it to and use the money to buy more PS3 games.

mcnablejr3743d ago

Then sit down and realise your dumb enough to sell anything to cash4gold, and buy a duststation

that would be a bad day =(.

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The story is too old to be commented.