Modern Warfare 2 Stimulus Package DLC: Overgrown Comparison

Compare the different Overgrown maps from Modern Warfare and Modern Warfare 2.

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player-13755d ago

The two maps from cod 4 should be free.

Blaster_Master3755d ago

Yeah, I check out the comparison vids from and it seemed to me that COD4 had better textures. But the trees moving and shadows in MW2 looked more dynamic. IDK, honestly I think both games look like crap so it doesn't even really matter. However, I thinking that Im never gonna buy a COD ever again until they Activision lets us use all the maps I paid for and use them in newer iterations of the series. MW2 maps are all freakin horrible. I hate them.

player-13755d ago

Yea I have to agree with you man

ape0073754d ago

1200 points is a lot, especially after I bought perfect dark xbla for 800 which is the best thing I've ever downloaded on xbl

Joe29113754d ago

Its a terribly made game period. Last night I decided to play MW2 again for the first time in like a month. And I get in game to find I'm running round a map which textures haven't loaded! It was like playing CoD on N64. I got ripped off by IW and Acti and I'm not even talking about the DLC, the game was a complete waste of money.

zoks3103754d ago

WTF yo??? MW1 looks better than MW2, all they did was add a lot of yellow. MW2 have way too much bloom and it looks like crap in comparison.

MW2 = COD4 pre-alpha code confirmed, if you pay for this then no word in the dictionary can define your stupidity, we will have to call you MW stupid or something.

irepbtown3753d ago

Cod4 maps looks way better, i have them both and i play Cod4 Alot, MW2 is just rotting away.

What is the name of the sound track ( if it has a name that is )?
and i Do know its from MW2.

jjohan353753d ago

Hans Zimmer is a great composer. LOL.

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Sanii3755d ago

I actually thought that Mw2 looked pretty nice

Joule3754d ago

really, than I dont think you've seen good

Joe29113754d ago

You've clearly been living in a cave for the past 3 years then :)

irepbtown3753d ago

Something worse than a cave i think...

C L O U D3754d ago

At least they added a few posters, lmao.

Ngai3754d ago

I do am curious how these maps play out with the killstreaks from MW2 etc. Crash isn't that big, could be crazy with killstreaks etc.

Vip3r3754d ago

MW2 has better lighting which is probably why the textures don't look as sharp as COD4.

Alcon Caper3754d ago

they had to change the lighting since theres no night vision goggles in mw2.

this is especially important in the all dark attic behind the couch, you lousy camperz..

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The story is too old to be commented.