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Eurogamer: To experience the best of Dead or Alive: Paradise, all you need to do is watch the opening cut-scene. Jiggling boobs! Wiggling bottoms! Hair-flipping! Tree-climbing! Two girls barely old enough to take the Key Stage 3 exam licking an ice cream - at the same time! From the shower scene to the final shot of the lady in the pink canoe, it's a cavalcade of impossibly subtle visual metaphors that serves to remind us just how far women have come in their quest for equality.

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rezzah3756d ago

Oh Peddobear, what would the world do without you. =)

Myze3756d ago

Aren't these girls a little old for you?

callahan093756d ago

This game's HIGHEST score so far has been a 5. It's been getting 1's, 2's, 3's as typical scores. It kind of pisses me off knowing that IGN gave this game about the same score as White Knight Chronicles. I may never get over how under-rated that game is.

phosphor1123756d ago

It obviously should have scored lower.

HammockGames3756d ago

...without the T&A it would have rated lower!

Perhaps a candidate for the first 0/10 ever.

Save your money. Download porn.

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ceedubya93756d ago

yeah saw this on PSN. Then saw Blazblue Portable nearby on PSN also. Proceeded to downloading BB Portable.

3756d ago
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