Teenage Mutant Ninja trailer

A new 'Making Of' trailer for forthcoming movie tie-in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is now showing on Eurogamer TV.

It stars Nick Harper, the game's creative director, who's on hand to reveal a little of what we can expect from TMNT and how it's all shaping up.

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CAPS LOCK5399d ago

i am serisuoly considering to buy this game, i like the video expecially with the 2 turtles bit where u can throw eachother onto far buildings.

but the graphics didnt seem very next gen to me, hmm but they stll working on it.

wakkiwakko5399d ago

I just hope it plays well. Last TNMT games were rather... repetative. I did enjoy it. But I just couldn't play it a second time. I hope it plays well on the Wii as well. I don't want it to use the wiimote... but a more pirmitive controller. Not every game has to use the wiimote. If they do... the gig might get boring :(

Zor_El3285398d ago

I am excited for the game it's been awhile since there was a TMNT game I really liked, I am also looking forword to the movie!! Its gonna be hot!