Dead Space 2 on German EA Product Page: PC-Version listed

PC Games writes: "Although the 3rd person Sequel Dead Space 2 has so far only announced for consoles, but according to the official German EA product page, the shooter comes for PC.

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champ213753d ago

I saw Dead space 2 on the EA website listed for PC. IMO its confirmed for PC.

Chnswdchldrn3753d ago

not opinion, fact

I already preordered the 50 dollar PC version of Dead space 2 from the Ea store (actually got it for 30 because of 20 dollar promo-code discount)

nutcrackr3752d ago

Devs at PAX said PS3, 360 and PC. EA official site has 360, PS3 and PC versions listed. Just another confirmation I guess.

Wish I could preorder it.

peowpeow3752d ago

Dead Space was awesome! It ran great on my PC too. Hope this isn't a port as I believe the original was ported from consoles

3751d ago