Tony Hawk's Project 8 Preview

The eighth console title in the series, and the first ground-up title built for this next generation of systems, Tony Hawk's Project 8 once again redefines what a Tony Hawk game can, and probably should, be. Largely ditching the story aspect of the past few games and focusing strictly on the skating elements, THP8 may very well turn out to be the strongest release in the series since it went by the Pro Skater moniker.

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Dustin_c_miller20085534d ago

well thats good there focusing on skating. the tony hawk games stik with a story mode. i liked the 1st 3 tony hawk games are my favorite and this one might be turn out to be one of my favorites also.

Waffle-boy5534d ago

Anyways, yeah, you're right. The first one was awesome, second one too. Number three was very, very good also. It introduces some new features. The fourth one was not so good, though, in comparison. I never finished THUG, but THUG2 i finished, and that was even not-so-better...

This one looks way more realistic in animations, but the character just handles rails and stuff too easily, and transferring between rails and such. But lets face it; realistic dont neccesarily mean more fun!