Bitmob: Spanish Matters; How Univision and Gamespot are adapting to the growing Hispanic Market in the US

Bitmob's Juan Letona says, Early today, at the M16 Conference in San Francisco as reported by, Univision (Mexican Owned TV Station) and CBS announced a partnership in bringing video game content to Spanish speaking Latinos/Hispanics who live in the US. Univision is the market leader in Spanish language television programming, and are now expanding their web presence with the partnership. Univision's current video juego portal is sponsored by cnet.

This is not the first time Univision has jumped into the video game foray, I posted a few months back, a promotional partnership with Ubisoft in the marketing of Assassin's Creed 2. But Univision's teaming up with Gamespot expands the market because their target will be Spanish reading and speaking Hispanics who go to for their entertainment needs.

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