tri-Ace Introduces the ASKA Framework

Andriasang: Add another name to the list of Japanese-developed game engines. Joining Capcom's MT Framework and Square Enix's Crystal Tools is the ASKA Framework, an internal engine from Resonance of Fate/End of Eternity developer tri-Ace.

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Ravage273754d ago

360 is the lead platform for Resonance of Fate, yet the PS3 version ended up being more efficient than the 360 version in some areas. 'The game's physical calculations make heavy use of the CELL's SPUs, making them run far faster on the PS3 than on the 360', curious to see what they can achieve by leading on PS3 for SO5

maverick403754d ago

is ps3 the leading console for S05?

Ravage273754d ago

i like to see what more they can achieve IF they lead on the PS3 and take full advantage of the Cell structure.

As for your question...the lead platform for SO5 hasn't been announced, neither is a new SO sequel confirmed at this point.