All's Fair in Love and Politics

Love has nothing to do with marrying Alistair in Dragon Age: Origins, but rather is drive solely by politics. The idea of a political marriage is introduced earlier in the game (it's an option you can pursue between Alistair and Anora, for example, and Anora states that her marriage to Cailan started out as such a match). Although arranged marriages have pretty much died out in modern Western civilization, they were the norm in medieval times. Marriage was intended to strengthen a family's place in the community or elevate them among the ranks of the nobility, and rarely occurred for love.

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pesor3755d ago

I'll agree with the whole Landsmeet farce. The one game where I intended on romancing Alistair until the end, things went horribly wrong. I was playing an elf, so I knew he couldn't make her queen, thus my intention was to make Anora queen and keep Alistair in the Wardens, as he wanted.