Top 10 Sexiest Wii Players

Koku writes: "You didn't think only kids played the Wii did you? Ladies love the Wii as much as anybody. If you don't believe me just look at these Top 10 Sexiest Wii players."

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Valay3757d ago

Well, this is going to gain heat real fast.

Ziriux3757d ago

Look Valay, finally a reason for me to enjoy at least looking at people play the Wii hehehe

WengYong3757d ago

Yes it will, in more ways than one!! Snowboarding FTW!!

specialguest3757d ago

the first girl with the nice big ass is my type of girl.

Big Booty lovers unite!!!

evrfighter3757d ago

It's Hard to imagine why this one won't Rise to the top. But then again there's pretty Stiff competition.

JBaby3433757d ago (Edited 3757d ago )

But none of these girls really do it for me. They're just not attractive.

@ 1.3: If you think the first one has a nice big booty then you haven't seen much. That's not very big or nice.

But then to each his own.

Ziriux3757d ago

Ahhh you like them fat than Jbaby, dont ya? :)

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WengYong3757d ago

If they are actual Wii players Im in :)Girls gaming is great to see

Ziriux3757d ago

I'm sure their not mate, got paid $20 to pretend to enjoy the Wii.

WengYong3757d ago

Mate Im sure if they were they were paid a bit more than 20 bucks

Lou Ferrigno3757d ago

dude no lie,hot gamer chix are an instant boner! .. :)

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The story is too old to be commented.