Media Create hardware sales (3/22 - 3/28)

Media Create has published the latest hardware sales figures from Japan.

PS3 – 50,448
PSP – 46,449
Wii – 36,849
DSi LL – 23,188
DSi – 17,376
DS Lite – 4,995
Xbox 360 – 3,002
PSP go – 1,874
PS2 1,785

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Ziriux3749d ago

Great deal of games indeed.

morganfell3749d ago (Edited 3749d ago )

It's quite enlightening to watch one month in Japan single handedly wipe out and surpass any advantage the 360 had over the PS3 in North America for the same month.

sikbeta3749d ago

PS3 – 50,448
PSP – 46,449

WOW, Amazing numbers for the PS3, Sony is Really kicking... at this rate the "gap" will become a non-existent joke, I can't even Imagine the Numbers when GT5 come out, but we only know those numbers will be Huge...

Syronicus3748d ago

Agreed. Every month the NPD numbers are released we hear about how awesome it is to see the 360 lead the PS3 in North America by 70,000 to 100,000 consoles but that gap is shut within two weeks of Japan sales and leaves the PS3 well ahead of the 360 in world wide sales by the end of the month. Xbox fans are just blind if they think the PS3 is not going to kill the 360 in terms of overall sales.

-Mezzo-3749d ago

Sony's product are really kicking the competition in the Tenders. Great Sales Figures for PS3. :)

Valay3749d ago

Another big week for the PS3. And PSP went up a bit. I wonder how DS sales will be affected here on out as a result of the 3DS announcement.

Chris Hansen3749d ago

PS3 – 50,448
Xbox 360 – 3,002
PS2 – 1,711

Wow, the 360 is murdering.....the PS2

DrWan3749d ago

with this ratio, it will take the box another century to catch up.

actually not even 2:1


Ps_alm3k3749d ago

battle of the last gen "DVD" system?

sikbeta3749d ago

Murdering? lol

The PS2 Refuses to die and still fighting, such a Beast...

stonecold13749d ago

finished ages ago the bot think and there leader arron greenturd thinks xbots think natal going to take japan its a flop before it even comes out m$ give up on japan already your not wanted in japan its a waste of time keeping the xbot there

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The story is too old to be commented.