Top 10 most downloaded dynamic themes so far in 2010

The top ten most downloaded dynamic themes for the Playstation 3 so far in 2010.

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jjacinto233755d ago

1. LBP (buy)
2. Heavy Rain Crime Scene (free from Qore)
3. Heavy Rain (free from Four Days Challenge)
4. God of War III (Slurpee points 7/11)

AridSpider3755d ago

whoa whoa it's wrong for Microsoft to charge for Themes and Gamerpics but it's clearly ok for Sony to do so as we can see because people are actually spending money on these themes? Wow. I think it's wrong for EITHER party to be charging for these things as it's something only WE can see so it's so stupid. But w/e, I guess people like it and as long as there are people putting money into it they will keep going. I mean FFS we still got the same stock avatars since the PS3 launched. C'mon Sony

jjacinto233755d ago (Edited 3755d ago )

If it is only your opinion.......... i only bought 1 theme and the rest are free and i'm ok with avatar sony got

harv7113755d ago

@ 1.1

True, some themes you have to pay for but there are literally hundreds of free PS3 themes and you can create your own theme. The dynamic themes and "premium" themes you have to pay for.

MiloGarret3755d ago (Edited 3755d ago )

I bought the Heavy Rain theme for my girlfriend because she had been complaining all day about the (real) rain.

It's the only theme I ever paid for together with a GeoW theme for x360 which was HUGE letdown.

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ChozenWoan3755d ago

Favorite is still the Wipeout HD Fury theme. The Motorstorm one is good as well.

mushroomwig3755d ago

I didn't even realise they had a Star Trek dynamic theme available. Looking at it on Youtube now and it looks pretty good.

I'm hoping Sony start releasing some non-gaming releated dymaic themes too, perhaps some of the Solar System.

Silly gameAr3755d ago (Edited 3755d ago )

They already have. They have a swimsuit model dynamic theme that's been on PSN for a couple of weeks.

Edit: Yeah, it is pretty boring. Could have been better, but I don't know if it's possible to have a hot chick on all fours blowing a kiss to your TV screen or not lol. That would have been sweet.

The South Park theme is pretty cool, and that's non gaming related.

I think a solar system dynamic theme would be pretty cool too by the way.

mushroomwig3755d ago

Oh my god you're right, woah.

It's pretty boring but at least it's non-gaming, now..where's my solar system one!? xD

Chubear3755d ago (Edited 3755d ago )

... that's not a dynamic theme, it's premium theme. It's a regular theme only it's one of those that just changes background pics. You have many of them on various websites for free even though Sony charges for these sometimes.

mushroomwig3755d ago

It's under the Dynamic theme section of the XMB's dynamic. So yes, it's a dynamic theme.

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Silly gameAr3755d ago

Whatever happened to that MW 2 dynamic theme that was announced? Did Infinity Ward forget about it?

UP3755d ago

If it does still exist it will probably be like 10$.

Pumbli3755d ago

I wouldn't mind a free dynamic theme. :P

It would be nice to see how they look like in action on my PS3, never had any dynamic themes before.

Silly gameAr3755d ago

lol. Sorry had to comment on here one more time, but they have a free Make.Believe dynamic theme too. It's nothing special, but hey, It's free.

Pumbli3755d ago

Thanks, I had no idea.

If only it was easier for me to buy stuff on PSN... :P

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