RUMOR: Call of Duty 4 and Project Gotham Racing 4 in the Works

According to an anonymous source Xbox 360 gamers will get fourth installments of two very popular franchises, one is all about World War II and the other is about driving in style. Check inside for more on this exclusive rumor.

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TheMART5406d ago

Gotham Racing 4 is no real scoop, they already said it themselves that all things they couldn't get into PGR3 because of the short producing time they would do it in PGR4. And for the record of this article being posted for multiple formats: PGR4 is only on 360

For COD we know, they pump out several games short after each other including new versions with add-ons. It is good to see that Infinity Ward would be picking up number 4 again though. COD2 is übergreat on the 360

Marty83705405d ago

PGR4 is crap anyhows,GT5 on PS3 will be miles better.PS3/Bluray are the future.

clayton5405d ago

I think that is what you meant to say!!!

RuffRyder5404d ago

Do you mean GT5(PS3) as in GT4 in HD lol you crack me up you dumb ass hole.

ACE5404d ago

you are giving your ps3 fans a bad name ,,,,

you sad noob ,,,

Optimus Prime5404d ago

yea but then forza 2 kicks gt5 a$$ ne day.

Gamer135404d ago

Can,t wait to see what PGR4 looks like.

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The story is too old to be commented.