Phantom Dust 2 To Be Revealed At E3!

Our inside sources today told us that the sequel to a forgotten franchise Phantom Dust is in development. The project is being outsource to Artoon and From Software with Yukio Futatsugi as the lead director.

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DelbertGrady3750d ago

"Our sources said it is 99% likely to be Phantom Dust 2 or Panzer Dragoon."

Panzer Dragoon Orta for the Xbox was really good. Never got to play Phantom Dust but I remember it had incredible graphics for its time. Easily one of the best looking games last gen.

Blaze9293750d ago

Hope this isn't a joke..ulgh I hate April 1st -_-

JasonXE3750d ago

Even if it is, i would pay 60 buxs for either of these games. Sad they disappeared in history being such good games. Give us back Phantom Dust or Panzer MS!! Also while your at it give us True Fantasy Live Online and Jetset Radio.

jack who3750d ago

this better not be another April fools crap

Ryuha1234h3750d ago

What the hell is Phantom Dust?