Haze to become a PS3 exclusive again?

Free Radical released a pre-E3 footage of Haze, during the video there was no mention of a Xbox 360 version and the last seconds of the video show messages of a possible PS3 exclusivity and a big announcement in this E3.

At Haze website there is no Xbox logo, only PS3.

We will know whether this is true or not next week at E3.


Images added, if you don't want to see the entire video

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nice_cuppa4426d ago

as far as we know from their own press release its on 360.

if this changes fair enough.

it hasn't yet.

(oh and i think there is a blurred out 360 pad around 10.30 / or so i hear.

riqued4426d ago

Look at the image attached, its a sixaxis..

The white color when the controller is blured is reflection from the light.

crck4426d ago

But I hope it is being developed for the PS3 from the ground up. As long as I get to play it in its true form thats fine by me.

Lifendz4426d ago

is this game built for PS3 to take advantage of PS3. Let you 360 people get a bad port for once ;).

jromao4426d ago (Edited 4426d ago )

I can't see any evidence of 360 stuff, also, how should they get the work done ? testing in a death 360's every week after receiving a "new" one from MS repair center ?

jromao4425d ago

and you will get more red lights of death on your xbox. "Heavy" games heat xbox's CPU so better you wish not to have the good PS3 games in your xbox.

TheXgamerLive4425d ago

It really is the Xbox 360 controller. But I believe there planning a timed exclusive for the ps3 since we the Xbox 360 community gets Halo 3, sony paid big bucks to have a similar game at that time, however it wont be released until 2008 so it's not really competition. The 360 shall also see it released but probably 6 months after the ps3 version, hmm also guess which one will be better again???? "X"

neogeo4425d ago

here cum the little cunts

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TheMART4426d ago

As far as I can remember the video, they say for next gen consoleS

Thats more then one in my view.

I know PS3 fanboys want it badly to be an exclusive, because they have not much to look foreward to, to be able to have something against the beast called Halo 3. Too bad dudes, it'll be on PC and 360 also.

It's Ubisoft that's bringing it. As long as they not get paid by Sony (they tried before with Assassins Creed, but Sony didn't pay up) it's all platform.

Splinter Cell: Conviction, MS paid and got it.

riqued4426d ago

Did you saw the entire video? if yes, why would the DEVS leave those weird messages indicating a exclusivity?

Greysturm4426d ago

Sony fanboys as is their nature dont care about the so called beast that is Halo, for them the games that are coming around that time are more worthwhile singleplayer experiences and if they can improve warhawk on par with what halo multiplayer is gonna get from its beta version the multiplayer is pretty much covered.

I frankly after the dissapointment of Halo 2 singleplayer the game doesnt even convince me to get a 360, only to go splitscreen at a friends house, if i ever get a 360 it would be a rent only title unlike gears.

And there is the possibilty (need to see it next week) that it might pale in comparison to the nemesis designed by guerrilla if history fails to repeat itself but that is only a possibility.

rukusa4426d ago

Yeah, yeah, yeah... as much as Xbox fanboys want MGS4, Tekken 6, FFXIII amirite? cause its impossible for xbox owners to want exclusives/sarcasm.

Why dont you just shove it Mart, you have no idea how ridiculous you sound when you post double morale.

Another example is when Katamari was multi, now its xbox 360 only... I cant see why it cant happen to Haze... AT ALL.

Raist4426d ago

"because they have not much to look foreward to"

try harder mate

TheMART-sucksdick4426d ago

Let the PS3 have it as an Exclusive, you have Halo 3 and that will sell a SHlT load more than Haze. The Developers are PS fanboys just like the Burnout developers, if the PS3 was selling well Burnout paradise would be PS3 exclusive... But thats not the case. My opinion is this, if the ps3 sales pick up and sony makes some $$$$ haze will be ps3 exclusive. BUT, if the ps3 is still selling nothing this fall the game will go multi. (sounds dumb) these days its all about money.

Watkins4426d ago (Edited 4426d ago )

Haha, Mart ...
Not to break your dreams or anything, but the video is from before may (developer said in the video that the game will be displayed in "ubisoft days in may"), probably january/february, when it still was a multiplatform game. Things might have changed over the last 5-6 months.

Sadest part though is that you probably just want attention like all the other kids, and I have to congratulate you on the working strategy.

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gamehendge4426d ago

lets face it, not everything is gonna fit on DVD9 or be made to accommodate an SKU with no hard drive.

shysun4426d ago

I know this sounds fan boyish but I hope it's a PS3 exclusive. Only because I want them to focus on the PS3 version 100% of the time. If they port it later, I'm fine with that.

gunnerforlife4426d ago

youre pissed of cuz u know that thats what Free Radical are hinting at. just wait till E3 haze is going too have the exclusivity tag on it.