6.0 Dead or Alive: Paradise Review "Dead or Alive: Paradise leaves as little to the imagination as possible without hitting an adults-only rating, but is limited by the graphical ability of the PSP. It's a game that can't be taken seriously, and the designers show that they know that quite well. There's tons of replayability to be had in Paradise, and for gamers looking for this kind of experience, the game delivers almost as best a PSP game possibly can in that regard. Although extremely shallow, it's evident that a focused effort went into designing the game for its target audience. For that reason, this game is specifically for those who like the idea of staring at and playing with digital babes on their PSP, and mobility attached to that. If you fall into that demographic, Dead or Alive: Paradise is recommended for you. For all other gamers, Paradise is not for you by a long shot."

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Selyah3747d ago

What can you really say about this...

mephman3747d ago

That's an incredible achievement in game design.

VINNIEPAZ3747d ago (Edited 3747d ago )

This is really one of those "You love it or hate it" type games. Me and my girl are BIG fans of the 1st DOA BV on the 1st Xbox. It sucked we couldnt play co-op though. We then tried the 2nd one on Xbox 360 and HATED it, they totally screwed up the game play. On the 1st one the game play was pretty tight, the second one was just awful. You could be PERFECTLY lined up to revive the ball and I swear they would make you miss on purpose to keep the game score close. I have no idea why they made it like that.

I haven't played this PSP version yet but so far my girl is loving it so I guess they went back to the original play mechanics. Fun game, just a very niche title.

Sanrin3747d ago

I wish this was an april fools.

mephman3747d ago

There's always next year.

djfullshred3747d ago

"this game is specifically for those who like the idea of staring at and playing with digital babes on their PSP"

LOL. Translation = "this game is specifically for lonely young male losers"

DarkBlood3747d ago

lol but yeah realisticly what bunch of girls gonna actually play volleyball or anything else with a guy

3739d ago