MGS4 trailer at Leipzig

Hideo Kojima's internal Konami studio, Kojima Productions, will be out in force at the Games Convention in Leipzig, Germany, next month - with five new games to show off.

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THAMMER15402d ago

MGS4 is the game to buy a PS3 for. But I am still going to wait for a price drop.

Cyclonus5402d ago

We need to see some GAMEPLAY this time. No more mooing tanks. :\

bloop5402d ago

Yeah I agree we need to see some gameplay, but, it wont be out for another year at least so its probably a bit early to show yet.

PS3 Owns All5402d ago

WAKE UP. 360 is going down! It's gonna ba #1 PS3 #2 Nintendo Wii and #3 X Box 360. PERIOD! END OF STORY! TRUTH!

The BS Police5402d ago

Fact: The Xbox brand will not be dissapearing anytime soon, it allready took 30% of the Marketshare from Sony and Nintendo so i doubt it will be going away.

From the words of Bill Gates, "If the Xbox 360 fails, we'll play again".

gamerriffic5402d ago

please no more xbox vs ps3 stuff, hideo him self, said ps3 can handle more, like the camo suit snake wears, and blueray is needed, just as hideo says. xbots dont be arrogant, its good to be loyal to microsoft, but just dont be stupid when it comes to claiming which hardware is better. the specs are already out, and if thats enough, its just common sense that technology released one year later is obviously gonna be better than the year before. ( november 22, 2005.. vs. november 17 2006 ). its also common sense that technology with a higher price tag, deserves that higher price tag, because obviously it is better, and what it ttakes to make it costs more.

sorry for going off topic, but it seems with every gaming event, a MGS trailer is all i want. sure, some other next gen news, but MGS always delivers

The BS Police5402d ago

But I don't care about the MGS franchise because I prefer the FPS genre.

All I wanna read about is Halo 3 News.

It's all about choice because we all prefer diffirent games.

SDS Overfiend5401d ago (Edited 5401d ago )

Remember when Final Fantasy Debut at E3 05' for So called PS3 and they showed A Final Fantasy CG saying it was the new FF? Turns out it was a F%$#king movie for advent children with a Prerendered scene of cloud walking thru a low detailed city like it was real time gameplay. They might as well add 50 more minutes of tfootage to the trailer and call it a movie.

BTW Snake Suit does not need Blu-Ray Storage just to Accomplish.