Gears of War: BIG announcement coming next week

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"Gears of War: BIG announcement coming next week!"

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shysun5400d ago

Hold up...they're announcing that they're going to make an announcement??!!OMG the Hype machine is in full force!!

HaHa5400d ago

this game is all hype

BIadestarX5400d ago

Not as bad as the PS3. They announced that they will show this and that for years. And yet, we don't even know the final specs, how much a game will cost, official list of launch titles, etc. Wouldn't you call that hype? Actually no, I wouldn’t call it like hype. It is bull shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhiet.

TheMART5400d ago

But still, they won't say it for nothing. It's only a week waiting, that's not eating fans up too much ;)

It could be the date for emergence day, it could be that a playable demo is coming out soon on marketplace. Imagine that the MP demo that was behind closed doors is dropped on MP next week. OMG

Sidherich5400d ago

or they just announce that GoW will be playable for the public at this years Games Convention :)

TheXgamerLive5400d ago

They'll actually have an official emergence day as well as online demo date/s.

Possibly even more news as well, anything reguarding there online game play is interesting news. To be honest I cant get enough of this game.

This game will go down in history as one of the best 3rd person shooters ever!!

Mr Bubbles5400d ago

I remember seeing a recent interview with someone at Epic and they suggested that the demo would be coming out after the game was released, not before. Of course, it would be great if they gave us a demo NOW!

Capt CHAOS5400d ago

You just never know (remember what happened to Graw)

TheMART5400d ago

Well, actually GRAW looked sh*t last year september. Then it came out and blew everyone away. It sold a copy to 1 person on every 5 owners of a 360. I won't call that a failure or overhyped.

It is a freaking next gen game for sure.

Gears will even be more. MS has put all it's efforts in this one to get it to be a killer app this Christmas to outsell the PS. And it will. It will be as big, if not bigger then Halo. Why? Halo 3 will be the last one in line, Gears will take over the torch to lead the 360 into pole position.

Expect GoW 2 at the end of 2007/beginning 2008 and GoW 3 during the change of this gen consoles again. Just before or just after.

pbo2m35400d ago

I think that he was talking about it getting delayed. At least that is what I'm assuming. Visually, there is nothing out there at the moment that can top this game. If the gameplay is as good as the visualls, then this might be one of the best games ever.

TheMART5400d ago

GoW delayed? Don't count on it. MS/Epic make sure it get's there on time. If it isn't a whole lot of people will be fired at MS and Epic.

This game will be the Christmas killer app where PS has no answer on to sell systems these holidays. It will release on the date they intended and for sure before the PS3 launch.

Count on that. This news is something positive. They wouldn't say it's BIG news and then a week later tell it's delayed. That is the one thing I am sure about isn't the big news mate. 100% sure that is ;)

pbo2m35400d ago

I wasn't saying that it was going to get delayed, I was just assuming that's what CaptChaos was talking about. I know that MS will do everything that they can so this game won't be delayed. I for one can't wait for this game. Hopefully we'll get the demo soon. I'm surprised that the E3 demo was never put on live, not a playable version but the walkthru. Would love to see it on my plasma instead of my computer screen. Oh well, Peace

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TheMART5400d ago

For heavy addicted GoW fans, go watch this high res ingame pictures and more!

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