Why Half-Life 2: Episode Three Will Never Appear On PS3

NowGamer: It all started in 2005, when Newell, while admittedly criticising the Xbox 360, also referred to the PS3 as "another Sega Saturn". He was, of course, entirely incorrect. While one's a tempestuous, technologically curmudgeonly piece of hardware that's damn-near impossible to programme games for because its separate processors can't communicate for toffee unless treated with kid gloves, the other's a darn good Sega machine that we enjoyed playing Nights on.

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Ausbo3753d ago

ps3 owners who really would want this, would just get it on PC anyway.

As for episode 3, i am willing to wait for it as long as they use a new or heavily upgraded engine.

The source was ahead of its time when it was developed, but it is showing its age now.

RankFTW3753d ago

At this rate we're not going to be seeing e3 on any platform, it's been like 3 years since e2 came out.

Michael Myers3752d ago

half life isnt as great as most people think, it was brilliant a long time ago, but with games like assassins creed 2, little big planet, mass effect 2, killzone 2, METAL GEAR SOLID 4. theres not much to be missed( gameplay) ok...i understand people want to see the ending of the story but thats about it. and im not seing as much as advancements in valves engein either. EX L4d, l4d2. in closing, ill have to just youtube the ending.

cliffbo3752d ago

all i can say is Newell is a very poor programmer if he cannot program the ps3, everyone else is making games for it with no problems admittedly they aint as good as first party games, but that said they do have to keep the quility low enough so the 360 looks the same.

Chubear3752d ago (Edited 3752d ago )

Book mark this so when it's announced multiplat or 360timed exclusive you can look through the article again and learn how not to pay attention to people who are talking out their butts just to get hits on their gaming site.

HL has always been and will always be on the Playstation for the foreseeable future. I just don't understand how it's even remotely hard to see this.

Genesis53752d ago

Who cares? Half life is best played on PC.

3752d ago
FarEastOrient3752d ago

I don't think everyone would've been in uproar if Valve decided to 2nd party to Microsoft. But to be a$$holes to a particular platform is worst than any developer or publisher before. Remember the commercials by Sega against Nintendo, at least it was all fun and games with sarcastic humor.

At least Blizzard will admit that a game is not coming out for a particular platform and gave legitimate reasons as to why they prefer the PC.

AliTheBrit193752d ago

Dude of course it matters.

For one your just presuming all PS3 owners who want to play this will have PC's capable of running the game any good?

and secondly many gamers are console gamers, and simply do not enjoy playing games on a PC (like me)

lil Titan3752d ago

not getting this for PC or 360 if it doesnt come to PS3 oh well i see it as there lost and just proves even more that they are not the great developers everyone claims they are. when you see games like uncharted not 2 i mean the first one to look like that and they cant produce anything close to that on the 360 with there left 4 dead franchise that really says something about them and how half life 3 will look not to say it wont be a good game just saying there good to a certain extent

Noctis Aftermath3752d ago

If the game is anything other than PC exclusive it will be a letdown.

BattleAxe3752d ago

I could care less about HL2: Episode Three seeing as how HL2 was so damn boring. I'd rather spend my time playing games like Uncharted.

cliffbo3751d ago

i see all 8 of the 360 owners disagreed with me wont change the facts though :)

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arakouftaian3753d ago

i only own a PS3 and i did play the old ones but this time im going to have to look at it on youtube or something so i can finish it.

VALVE are pure full of BS
OR maybe M$ WILL BUY THEM SOMETIME SOON i will be ok with it.

Cueil3753d ago

maybe they were just reading the cards wrong... everything was point in the wrong direction... Sony kept screwing everything up when they started... if it wasn't for the RRoD they may not even be in the race... at least that's what it seems from all the poeple on N4G who "wont but a 360 because of RRoD"

tdrules3752d ago

MS couldnt afford what Gabe would want for VALVe, I'm sure Steam is making more revenue in a day than what most first party MS studios make in a year.
looking at you RARE

-MD-3752d ago

Stop hating on Rare they're working on a ton of stuff right now.

Mr Tretton3753d ago

It will come out. They'll just get another company to port it like they did with the last one.

Cueil3753d ago

I think they said that's not going to happen... if they don't do it right it's not going to get the port... don't hold your breath... Valve is actually pretty effing small

Persistantthug3752d ago

For an independent developer,
Valve is actually pretty big...for an indy, I mean.

Not only that, but Valve makes a spitload of money...they make it by the truck load with Steam....although steam's success might be finite considering all the other Digital Stores that are gearing up...anyone with a computer and the bandwidth will be able to have "a store" soon.

Finally, while Valve is still independent, Valve is backed by EA.

Just thought I'd point those "small" facts out, since alot of people miss them for some reason.

rmedtx8883753d ago

Who cares?. There are way better games for PS3 than Half-life... The game is over-hyped.

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